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Cooperation between China and Italy

Cooperation between Italy and China

In his recent contribution for OneEurope, Andrea Bonnetti interviewed Mr. Ugo PAPI, Head of the Asian relations with political parties of the Italian biggest party: Democratic Party (PD), about the cooperation between Italy and China.

Andrea Bonetti on

Harrowing trip to Europe

The Mediterranean and the EU: Migration and Security

The immigration crisis in the Mediterranean has become critical, and the EU must take decisive action to prevent yet another humanitarian tragedy on its borders.

André P DeBattista on

The Mediterranean Migration Crisis

Infographic: Europeans Divided on Helping Mediterranean Migrants

Italy rescued 4,200 boat migrants in the Mediterranean in just 24 hours on Friday 29 May during 22 separate operations carried out by naval vessels and merchant ships.


Deadly voyage

EU promises action on the Mediterranean migrant crisis

Last month, the EU reported that more than 800 people died between Libya and the Italian island of Lampedusa. So far in 2015 more than 1,600 lives have been lost in the sea, according to data from the European Parliament. The drama has put pressure on MEPs to act.

Cristina Casabón on

the refugee crisis on the Mediterranean

Lives continue to be lost in the Mediterranean Sea

Human rights groups criticised European leaders’ plan to deal with the migration in the Mediterranean

Susana Santos Faria on

The Mediterranean: Towards a Free Trade Area?

The Mediterranean: Towards a Free Trade Area?

The challenges and opportunities of creating a free trade area in the Mediterranean basin

André P DeBattista on