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Populism in Europe? It’s not that popular and it’s a Fad

Populism in Europe? It’s not that popular and it’s a Fad

Since Brexit there has been much made of the rise of populism. There has been a perception that populism is on the rise across Europe since the financial crash of …

Chris Clyne on

Europe vs America

How did France rejected populism?

What went wrong in America?


Cedric R.(left) and Jordan Jeandon(right) from France as well as British Ex-Patriate Millie from Paris are worried about the Presidential Election in France

"The popularity of populism can’t be dismissed"

Eyes are on the Presidential Election in France all across Europe. These three young insiders are concerned about the aftermath of this historic election for France and the European Union

Omar Nür-Nathoo on

Macron vs Le Pen

French elections

Who will be the next French President?