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Philip Rákay, author of the book ‘Freedom Square 89’

Freedom Square 89 – A Book on an Era

“Hopefully, It Will Be Easier for You, My Darling”

Barbara Majsa on

Shakespeare's Tragedies

Shakespeare's Tragedies

Shakespeare’s deaths and murders infographic


José Saramago - Nobel Prize Laureate

The Hands That Built Portugal - Part II

Do Europeans know about each other’s history and culture? Today we focus on literature from Portugal that merits to be discovered by the whole continent.

Jorge Simao on

Sunday Culture: European Writing Competitions

Sunday Culture: European Writing Competitions

"Never has the EU needed culture, more than at the present time of deep crisis we face today, with all the doubts and fundamental questioning it has brought." Barroso

Ines on

William Wordsworth & T.S. Eliot

Europe and the English Literary Tradition

Those who seek to see a more united Europe should look to the English European Tradition for hints for the future

Stephen Patriarca on