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Nuit Debout: an overview of the French movement

Nuit Debout: an overview of the French movement

Maeva Chargros presents the latest situation in the protests in France and other European countries (together with quotes from the participants), and analyses the events which led to them, and which could dramatically change Europe.

Maeva Chargros on

Let go of human trafficking

Trafficking: A Real Puzzler for Both Experienced and Inexperienced Solvers

Understanding human trafficking and how it is perceived in international law

Niki Sykara on

Mosque in Vienna

Austria's New Islam Law, Ignoring Reality?

2015 has, thus far, already been a very trying year for Europe and for all of its citizens. The attacks in Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen have left scars that will take time to heal, and have unfortunately made life more difficult for our Muslim citizens.

Jorge Jesus on

Party Donations in 2012

Campaign Money is Ruining Politics

Funding for political parties has for long been a source of contention in the UK. With little political consensus on this issue, political funding reform is overdue.

Guest Author on

The European Patent office received 265,690 European Patent Filings from Europe and abroad last year.

The World of Patents in Europe

Intellectual property is a key driver of business in Europe. This infographic by SOR Solicitors presents the key stats on European Patent Filings.


The European Patent Office received hundreds of thousands of European Patent Filings last year, however most of them came from outside of Europe.

Europe's Most Inventive Nations

This infographic shows which European and global nations have filed the most European Patent Filings with the European Patent Office last year.


Soon Eleusis will be completely destroyed by industry and tourism.

New Eleusis

Eleusis is a historic region with beautiful nature and a crucial archaeological importance.

George Chatzelenis on

Some of over the 20 immigrants shot by their Greek employers, as they asked for their salaries after not getting paid for 6 months.

The Death of Justice in Greece

The latest outrageous acquittal of criminals in Greece has destroyed any trust in the Justice System and is pushing communities to pursue their own justice.

George Chatzelenis on