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The Rising Flight of Euro-Speak

Euro-Speak- A Language Made In Brussels

A look into the origin of the language that is designed to bind Europe

Rada Gankova on


Erasmus - No Need for Translation

Most people in Europe born in the 90s and onwards have heard of it. Its popularity lies upon the numerous stories told by the millions of young folks that have participated. It is considered a must for young –and not only- students across the continent. It is also a fundamental element in the European Union’s agenda for education and culture for its citizens.

Natasha Papathanasiou on

Man vs Machine

How the man vs. machine paradigm shapes jobs in the translation & interpretation industry

This is hot: computers may soon replace humans in the process of translation. If you are a linguist, don’t panic ― just keep reading. If you are not, it’s still a recommendable read because the newest trends in translation are shaping the way we think even more than we would suppose.

Anna Władyka on

This infographic on Foreign Language speakers in Europe has been made by Statista (

66% of Europeans know a Foreign Language

With 99%, Luxembourg is the country with the highest percentage of workers speaking a foreign language in Europe


"Russian Speaking" is not the same as "Ethnic Russian". There are almost no regions in Europe with a majority of Ethnic Russian population - including the east of Ukraine.

Ethnic Russian Population in Eastern Europe

These maps show that the regions with a majority of Russian speaking population, do not actually have a majority of ethnic Russians. This destroys the Kremlins entire theory of protecting ethnic Russians outside of Russia.


Hello! Do you speak... European?

Hello! Do you speak... European?

Maybe you've heard about "Eulingu", an ambitious project to create a new, unic language for Europe. It's based on the fact that most languages and dialects in Europe are mainly …


Will Chinese become Europe’s lingua franca?

Will Chinese become Europe’s lingua franca?

From 2000 to 2004, the number of students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland taking Advanced Level exams in Chinese increased by 57%

Edgaras Katinas on

British English, American English, or European English?

British English, American English, or European English?

Do you use the British, or American version of the different words in your nation? "Apartment" or "Flat"? "Faucet" or "Tap"? "Chips", or "Crisps"? "Cab", or "Taxi"?