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Kosovo opposition parties react to government’s political reforms

The main opposition parties Vetevendosje, AAK, and Nisma went into streets on November 28th in order to protest the Kosovo government’s latest agreements with Montenegro for the demarcation of its…

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Arrival of asylum seekers at a train station in Europe

The Balkans - the Alternative Solution to the Refugee Crisis

Can countries like Macedonia and Serbia help tackle the large influx of refugees seeking shelter in Europe?

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Economic Growth in SEE

Infographic: Economic Growth in South Eastern Europe

The Balkans have been developing fast


A woman giving a flower to a police officer during the protests.

This is happening in Macedonia, but no one is talking about it

Find out what has been happening in Macedonia in the last few months

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European map

The European Integration of the Western Balkans: Where we are now

65 years after the Schuman Declaration, most of the Balkans are still waiting for their EU memberships to be approved. The process is slow and full of obstacles in terms of reforms and shifts in policies, making it almost impossible for candidates to be a part of the European family before 2019/2020.

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Signing of Kumanovo Agreement in the Yugoslav Army tent in the NATO base in Macedonia

Self-Determination to Move On!

Today is 17th February and Kosovo marks its seventh year of independence. The new-born state came to see the light only nine years after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s military intervention, to stop the humanitarian catastrophe towards the Albanian population.

Blerina Karagjozi on

A Balkan expansion: Which are the next countries to join the EU?

A Balkan expansion: Which are the next countries to join the EU?

The EU has just been expanded with a new member, Croatia. Should we consider the further Balkan enlargement feasible?

Yuliya Kosharevska on