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The striking similarities between Lisbon and Istanbul

Lisbon and Istanbul: the Princesses

OneEurope author Fabio Paulos explores some of the similarities between Lisbon & Istanbul.

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Hagia Sophia, a landmark of Istanbul

Once Erasmus, Forever Erasmus: A Portuguese Erasmus Experience in Istanbul

A personal account of one of our Portuguese writer's Erasmus adventure in Istanbul

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The new Ataturk, or a new Sultan? Or Both?

The Next Sultan

There are many challenges awaiting Erdogan, before and after he changes the constitution to grant himself executive powers.

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A barricade done by the protesters in Kurtuluş street to protect themselves from the police

Berkin Elvan - "a child killed by the state"

Violent protests erupted once again in Istanbul after the death of 15-year-old Berkin Elvan

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Turkey - a battlefield for democracy.

Turkey - a battlefield for democracy.

What was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration against building a shopping center in Istanbul, has become a national revolution after the extremely violent response from the Turkish authorities.


Thousands of protesters on their way to Taksim Square in Istanbul on Saturday.

Reblog: What is happening in Istanbul?

A comprehensive at-the-scene report from last Saturday, day 2 of the protests.

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