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Israel-Palestine: a settler colonialism case

Israel-Palestine: a settler colonialism case

The Jewish State is a unique case of how a diaspora created a nation-state (Clifford 1994, 307). However, the arrival of the Jewish diaspora to Palestine and the creation of …

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

The flags of Israel and Palestine

European Union Membership - a potential peace tool?

Can the European Union use the membership carrot to bring peace in the Middle East, especially in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

James Bailey on

Is Israel ready to erode Palestine to extinction?

Is Israel ready to erode Palestine to extinction?

Israel fights the Hamas, not Palestina, this is what Prime Minister Netanjahu says in his speeches. But what if the conflict will leave Palestine as a casualty?


Shimon Peres and José Manuel Barroso (from left to right)

EU´s New Guidelines on Israel – Not about money, but about politics

The EU directive aimed to restrict the financial cooperation beyond the Green Line has raised a series of controversies with ascendent political zest

Michel Anderlini on