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EU flag reflection

Did Brexit reflect EU's failure to build a concrete and lasting European identity?

Iain Duncan Smith had once stated that: “ I am an optimist about the UK. We have been involved in trade with our European partners, which we will always be …

Alex Saltout on

Democracy and the rule of law in the EU

Democracy and the rule of law in the EU

On October 25, 2016 the European Parliament adopted a resolution which calls on the European Commission to establish a mechanism for safeguarding democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights.[^EUDRF] …

Protesilaos Stavrou on

The impact of public opinion on the European Integration Process

The impact of public opinion on the European Integration Process

Napoleon Bonaparte  had once stated that: “Public opinion is the thermometer a monarch should constantly consult.”

Alex Saltout on

Europe after Brexit

Europe after Brexit

The “EU project” will continue to exist and play a crucial role for the European continent and the world, but Britain will be a simple observer.

Dimitrios Dagdeverenis on

The fate of the EU

The fate of the EU

The European Union has undoubtedly been the most fascinating experiment in the history of political discourse, but the reason its accomplishments seemed so artificial is the bloc's whole controversy.

Alex Saltout on

A Union Flag flutters next to a European Union (EU) flag, and other

Unfortunately maybe we are not a family

Some serious developments seem to threat the vision of the European Integration

Angelis Panopoulos on

Sailing in rough seas. Can the EU weather the storm?

Europe in Crisis: Is This the End of the EU?

Refugee crisis, debt crisis, eurozone crisis, Brexit, Grexit...Is the end of the European Union in sight?

James Bailey on

Map of the Turkish elections

Infographic: Turkish Parliamentary Elections 2015

The success of pro-Kurdish party HDP has been a big surprise.


The directors of OneEurope: Cherian, Hannah and Ivan

OneEurope: Behind the Scenes

What started in 2011 as a small Facebook group, has grown into a pan-European media. Today OneEurope has hundreds of active volunteers and tens of thousands of regular readers. In May 2015 OneEurope met in Berlin to discuss strategies and to plan for the future.

Mirea Cartabbia on

The signing of the Lisbon Treaty in 2007.

The Long Portuguese Accession Process

Ahead of Europe Day, Fabio Paulos reflects on Portugal's complex process of joining the European Economic Community, and maps some of the country's key contributions to developing the European community and fostering European integration.

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

Horizon 2020

British Universities – Closer to the EU?

OneEurope contributor Ana Oliveira reports from a recent networking event with prominent British university leaders and senior EU officials hosted by the British Embassy in Brussels.

Ana Oliveira on

Islam is part of Europe

Is Islam part of Europe?

Pegida gets attention from all over the world, provoking debates on the preservation of European culture amid globalisation and on the threat of radical Islamism, especially after the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Integration and Islam have become topics that everyone feels concerned with: clearly, today Islam is part of Europe.

Lucie Wuester on

Infographic: Education - the Key to Integration?

Infographic: Education - the Key to Integration?

No person should be denied the right to education


Between Federation and Disintegration: Can Europe redefine Itself?

Between Federation and Disintegration: Can Europe redefine Itself?

The EU is at a crossroads, and the question Europe as a whole needs to ask itself is how it should cope with the growing demand for more democracy as well as more local and regional power within an increasingly globalised world. In this exclusive article for OneEurope, Peter Josika asks whether the current political structures meet the needs of our time and the foreseeable future.

Peter Josika on

Catalonia has one of the most prominent separatist movements in Europe.

How not to deal with separatist movements: “The Catalan Example”

Part One in a series on separatist issues in Europe

Mark Hau on

Integration is one of the key topics of our age, but how can we successfully achieve it?

Integration in Europe: Why the problem is not a matter of religion

Integrating minorities has proven easier said than done, but religion should not be the one to blame.

Volina Serban on

Eastern Partnership Summit: the Outcomes

Eastern Partnership Summit: the Outcomes

The long expected Eastern Partnership Summit took place on a very dynamic and exciting backgroung: mass protests in the Ukraine, the change of political power in Georgia, the intentions of …


"La porta d'Europa", work of the artist Mimmo Paladino.

Lampedusa: the Gate of Europe

The vibrant multicultural artistic scene of the island of Lampedusa - the positive effects of cross-cultural encounter

Santino Santinelli on

Separatist campaigns in Catalonia and Scotland

Integration through separation: Catalonia and Scotland

Catalonia is not Spain; Scotland is not England; but everyone wants to be European

Hallvard Barbogen on

Roma population around Europe, estimates

The Roma in Europe - The French Experience

Immigration of Romanian and Bulgarian Romani people to France stir up a long-lasting heated debate

Desislava Slavcheva on

Dual Citizenship in Eastern Europe in the era of European Identity

Dual Citizenship in Eastern Europe in the era of European Identity

How do Eastern European countries react to changes in dual citizenship matters? Do they “move with the trend”?

Bori Pentek on

Moldova and the EU

The Republic of Moldova – Towards the Point of ‘No Return’

What will the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius bring for Moldova?

Andreea Anastasiu on

Guess where this picture was taken…

Guess where this picture was taken…

Maldives? Italy? New Zealand?


Uniting Europe through Pride - How boosting Europe’s ego can save the E.U.

Uniting Europe through Pride - How boosting Europe’s ego can save the E.U.

The now sixty-two year old united Europe is beginning to resemble the United States, that have existed for nearly 250 years

Matthew Heywood-Cunliffe on

EU Membership a case study: Ireland

EU Membership a case study: Ireland

With all this talk of bailouts, bonds, and bankers it’s sometimes easy to forget what EU membership is all about.

OneEurope on

EC Structure

The EU Commission and the national interests.

The popular notion “I am pro-European because the EU is good for my country” says it all. I wish we could say “I am pro-European, because I believe the EU is good for all

The Eblana European Democratic Movement. Christos Mouzeviris on

In game theory, choosing the lesser of two evils will always result in something worse.

The Tiny Trillion - Explaining the EU Budget Dilemma by Means of Game Theory

With methods of game theory, it can be explained why the EU's budget is by far too small, and why a compromise is so difficult to reach.

Jan Ottrand on

The integration of minorities bears great potential and is an indicator of how progressive a society is.

The indication of societies

Minority inclusion and participation - why it matters and how it makes a difference in a democratic society.

Ana Maria Ducuta on

 Two Europes in one? Part Two

Two Europes in one? Part Two

The two-part series of articles examine the issue of European integration in light of state practice, with special regard to that of the British.

Dr. Eva Peña on

Integration, Austerity and Democracy

Integration, Austerity and Democracy

Europe faces great change; austerity measures and a lack of democracy are not the best way to further integrate across the continent.

Nick Stone on