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Signing of Kumanovo Agreement in the Yugoslav Army tent in the NATO base in Macedonia

Self-Determination to Move On!

Today is 17th February and Kosovo marks its seventh year of independence. The new-born state came to see the light only nine years after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s military intervention, to stop the humanitarian catastrophe towards the Albanian population.

Blerina Karagjozi on


Increased localism renews interest in democracy and can save Great Britain

Localism's importance in democracy

Guest Author on

Catalonia has one of the most prominent separatist movements in Europe.

How not to deal with separatist movements: “The Catalan Example”

Part One in a series on separatist issues in Europe

Mark Hau on

Brittany, including Loire-Atlantique, with its capital city Naoned / Nantes.

Democracy for Scotland: “What about us?” asks Brittany

With a territory the size of Denmark, 5 million inhabitants, and a GDP that could be a lot higher, (the Loire-Atlantique would represent 40% of Brittany’s GDP), the reunified region would hold a lot of strength within France.

Agnieszka Szymanski & Florian Lannuzel on

Scotland in numbers

Discovering Scotland

How much do you know about Scotland?


Scotland flag and the ballout paper for the referendum

Should I stay or should I go?

The Scots decide today if they leave the United Kingdom.


There only a couple of weeks left until Scotland's independence referendum.

Scotland and EU Membership in the Case of Independence

There is a heated debate on Scotland's EU Membership in case they become an independent state.

Tanya Zhekova on

Scotland's independence

Scotland's independence

Considering the historical bounds between the UK and Scotland, it is realistically hard to believe that a possible partition would put into question the ties that exist between them.

Andreea Cristina Apostol on

Flag of Scotland

Quo Vadis dear Scotland?

After years of discussions and demands by the Scottish people, they will finally have a chance to decide whether to remain in the UK or not.

Mateusz Krupczynski on

Switzerland and Norway - An Alternative to EU Membership?

Switzerland and Norway - An Alternative to EU Membership?

Countries often mention Norway and Switzerland for their reasoning to leave the EU. Is it true that these are good examples for independency?

James Bailey on

Secessionist Movements Across the Continent

Secessionist Movements Across the Continent

What would it mean for Europe, should any regional unit become independent?