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Bazar Vest: Denmark's unique Middle Eastern shopping centre

Denmark's glass ceilings: Refugees face daily battle against discrimination

This year UN’s Committee for Racial Discrimination report expressed concern about racism in Denmark. Experts claim that deep institutional discrimination takes place in the labour and property markets, and in the process of process of applying for citizenship. In Aarhus, many newly naturalized Danes find jobs or run businesses in Bazar Vest: a unique Middle Eastern shopping center.

Maria Karnaukhova on

Many Europeans have shown their solidarity with the asylum seekers and refugees.

The Solidarity of Greek Citizens with Asylum Seekers

While governments and institutions are often not doing enough to assist refugees, many citizens have been pro-actively helping in many ways.

George Chatzelenis on

Only 2 of the top 10 countries for Refugees per Capita are EU Member States. Nevertheless, lacking the experience and united approach in refugee policies, many issues are rising throughout Europe, which will dramatically change our society.

Mass-Migration changing European Society

From enormous fences to far-right violence - the mis-management of migration policy and lack of a coherent and united approach are creating huge issues in European society.

Oliver Krumme on

Migrants Mediterranean Sea

Greece as a Purgatory for Immigrants and “Guilty” Europe

He looks at his handcuffs. “I have never been handcuffed before”, he says in his broken English. “I am a doctor, I am a scientist. You are supposed to be a democratic country; I have taken the Hippocratic oath”.

Anna Kokkinidou on

Immigration in Europe

Immigration in Europe: Map of the percentage and country of origin of immigrants

Number of immigrants in European countries


This infographic about citizenship in Europe has been made by Statista (

Citizenship in the European Union

In 2013 Ireland granted most citizenship of any European country


The Exit Argument

Assessing the Battlefield: Why are There Calls for 'Brexit'?

What is driving the anti-EU and no campaign in the Brexit referendum?

OneEurope on

Europe, Immigration and (the lack of) Debate

One challenge, two sides and zero solutions

António Saraiva Lima on

Reaching out to our troubled neighbours

Securing the EU’s Neighbourhood and building Peace on our Borders

Europe standing up and taking it's position as a true Guardian of the Peace

Robert Heslop on

Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference

‘Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference’

We all have a story worth telling, and each of us is a storyteller. Powerful stories told by migrant women to inspire and pursue your dreams, craft your future, and love your life.

Kinga Natalia Kuchta on

Mediterranean migration routes

Our Paradise or a Sea of Death?

The recent tragedy in the Mediterranean is a bitter reminder that Europe needs joint action and cooperation to tackle the complex issue of migration on its southern border.

Mathias Darmell on

UK Net Migration

The Immigration Debate in the UK

Immigration has been a hot topic in the run up to the general election in Briain, but has it become a red herring drawing the attention away from other key issues such as education, poverty and public services?

Laura Shimili Mears on

The perfect European

The Challenges of the European Identity

Identity is not a concept set in stone. It's rather the outcome of a relentless process.

Ana Maria Ducuta on

This infographic about displaced people has been created by Statista (

8.2 Million People were Displaced in 2013

Many displaced people escaped from wars to find a better life in Europe


Refugees risking their lives to reach Europe

Europe’s Dirty Problems

“Treasure your legacy of skills, child of Europe. Inheritor of Gothic cathedrals, of baroque churches. Of synagogues filled with the wailing of a wronged people. Successor of Descartes, Spinoza, inheritor of the word 'honour', Posthumous child of Leonidas Treasure the skills acquired in the hour of terror. You have a clever mind which sees instantly The good and bad of any situation.” (Czeslaw Milosz)

Katarzyna Nazarewicz on

Albanina flag

Talking about immigration, realities of the Albanian Adriatic shores

Immigrant it’s not a name, it's just a specific condition of a human like you, who in this very moment of life is not lucky enough to have your opportunities of living a normal life back home.

Blerina Karagjozi on

There are stark differences in the number of migrants throughout Europe.

Europe Needs a Common Immigration Policy

Together, we must establish how many immigrants each country needs, in which industries they are needed and from which regions of the world they should be from.

Christos Mouzeviris on

Some of over the 20 immigrants shot by their Greek employers, as they asked for their salaries after not getting paid for 6 months.

The Death of Justice in Greece

The latest outrageous acquittal of criminals in Greece has destroyed any trust in the Justice System and is pushing communities to pursue their own justice.

George Chatzelenis on

Time to close the doors

Switzerland: Time to close the doors?

Euro-sceptic movements were quick to congratulate Swiss voters as they favored the reintroduction of immigration quotas in a referendum

Michel Anderlini on

Immigration in Europe

Immigration in Europe

A huge interest has been shown by the media in the last years for this subject, as more and more people lost their jobs due to the economic crisis. Moreover, …


How to deal with immigration in Europe?

How to deal with immigration in Europe?

Immigrants, both from within and outside the EU, are transforming the social, economic, demographic and political reality in each country

Christos Mouzeviris on

Our Co-President asks: "How does the EU manage Immigration?"

Our Co-President asks: "How does the EU manage Immigration?"

"Immigration is necessary, but what policies does the EU have to integrate immigrants into the European society, side by side with the Europeans?"


The Lampedusa tragedy calls for a pan-European reaction

The Lampedusa tragedy calls for a pan-European reaction

Refugees are attracted by European standards. An appropriate response to life-threatening migration attempts can only be archieved collectively.

Christos Mouzeviris on

Permission denied: Boat people, the next crisis to come?

Permission denied: Boat people, the next crisis to come?

The situation for asylum seekers in Europe is dire. Will refugees be “the next EU crisis”?

Michel Anderlini on

Child inside the Moscow airport looking out

Russia: Leave the country forever or return back home?

Statistical data shows that every year more Russians would like to leave their country, but is this really true?

Natalia Ghincul on

The impact of the Dublin II Regulation on Greece

The impact of the Dublin II Regulation on Greece

Illegal immigration into Europe puts a strain on our societies' fabric as people see their neighborhoods transform rapidly.

Christos Mouzeviris on

Stockholm riots reflect European immigration policy failures

Stockholm riots reflect European immigration policy failures

Recent immigrant riots in Stockholm took by surprise not only the Swedes themselves, but the rest of the world as well.

Christos Mouzeviris on