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How can the eurozone evolve into a federal body, and should it?

French President Hollande has called for the eurozone to federate. The questions that need to be asked are - can the eurozone federate and still be part of the EU, and should it even go down that path. Today, the eurozone has a population of 338,335,000 out of an EU population of 508,200,000 or 66.57% of the total EU population.

James Bailey on

Hollande has made statements supportive of lifting Russian sanctions.

France opts in favour of Russia before the Parisian tragedy

The French leader Francois Hollande had announced on the 5th of January during his interview for the France Inter Radio about his willingness to lift the EU sanctions against Russia.

Lusine Sargsyan on

Is the crisis over in Europe?

Is the crisis over in Europe?

Last week, during a visit to Japan, Hollande assured the hosts that Europe is a perfectly safe place to invest. "What you need to understand here in Japan is that the …