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Brexit Grexit and Italexit: What is happening to Europe?

Brexit Grexit and Italexit: What is happening to Europe?

The Brexit fear that came true

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

The desire for Greek & EU Unity

Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

Assessing the Greek need to accept the harsh realities of their economic plight

Liam Keenan on

Biggest Financial Defaults

The Biggest Defaults in Modern History

Greece is leading the list of defaulting debtors


The new Greek debt deal

Infographic: The Greek Bailout Explained

Will the new arrangement get Greece out of the crisis?


Greek and EU flags flying in Athens

The Greek Crisis and the EU

For the first time since Greece’s accession to the European community in 1981, Greece stands in the middle of a crossroad as its commitment to European values and agreements is being questioned.

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

The Greek and European Union flags

Greece - the European Union: 34 years together and we go on ...

Talking about the history of Greece since joining the European Union

Charoula Georgiou on

The Greek Economic Crisis and Ireland’s Example

The Greek Economic Crisis and Ireland’s Example

OneEurope contributor Kareem Padraig A. McDonald argues that to achieve economic recovery Greece must live up to its international commitments and follow Ireland's example of economic discipline.

Kareem Padraig A. McDonald on

The Modern History of Greece has been very eventful.

What Brought Greece Here

A historical overview of the modern history of Greece and the factors which led to the current crisis.

Agamemnon Apostolou on

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras talking in front of a NO vote rally in Athens

The Greek Referendum: Yes or No?

Europe is Greece and Greece is Europe. Yes or no, Greece's historic referendum will invariably determine Greece's fate within the Union.

OneEurope on

Why we shouldn’t be scared of Grexit

Why We Shouldn’t Be Scared of Grexit

Grexit, Brexit, Hungexit: the European Union goes through its first serious proof test. We should do our best to keep every member of the Union – but not at any price. on

The Greek Parliament in Athens

The Greek Crisis and the Eurogroup Negotiations

As Greek debt negotiations continue in Brussels, the country itself remains divided over its future.

Christos Mouzeviris on

Tsipras's Russian gambit

Tsipras's Russian Gambit

The latest visit of Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, to Russia raised a lot of eyebrows in Europe. It took place at a time when relations between Greece and the EU have considerably deteriorated due to differing views on the resolution for the Greek debt crisis.

Klaudjo Kavaja on

Anti-austerity Doctor

Grexit: Is It Possible or Not?

Europe is in a better economic shape than it was three years ago, but can it really risk Greece leaving the Eurozone?

Dimitra Kalyva on


Grexit Part III: TheEUropean Perspective

Now that the far left party Syriza has been elected in Greece, how will Europe react?

Ligia Corduneanu on

Syriza Rally in Athens

Grexit Part II: The Greek Perspective

With the highly anticipated Greek elections taking place today, is Grexit likely in the foreseeable future?

Ligia Corduneanu on

Can the EU help fix the Greek economy?

Grexit Part I: Introduction

After a tumultuous road across the 2008 - 2009 Eurocrisis, is Greece prepared to leave the Euro behind?

Ligia Corduneanu on