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The Turkish Election

Is this the end of the New Turkey?

Turkey held its 24th general election in its history last 7th of June. The new 550 MPs are now part of the 25th Grand National Assembly of Turkey. As expected, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) won the election but for the first time in power they did not achieved majority. A coalition government will now govern Turkey during next years if the parties agree of one. They have 45 days to achieve a consensus before a new elections can be marked.

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

Elections in Turkey

Turkish Elections 2015

The news has thus far been packed with election news from many member states of the European Union. To name but a few: there were recently elections in Greece which saw Tsipras and Syriza take power, in the UK the Conservatives surprised many by winning a majority, and the local Spanish elections have also made the headlines due to the rise in new parties such as the Ciudadanos and Podemos, which have shaken the current ruling axis, it shows that the people of Spain are far from content with the status quo.

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Trust in the government and the business sector is falling.

Infographic: Global Trust Levels

Trust levels in many governments are very loew


Is the European Parliament under too much pressure from lobby groups and corporate interests?

Lobbying & Political Intelligence: an Interview with Paolo Zanetto

The co-founder of one of Italy's leading public affairs, lobbying and political intelligence agencies discusses some of the myths around lobbying in Europe and explains why greater transparency in this sector is paramount.

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The EU Parliament and the Treaty of Lisbon

The EU Parliament and the Treaty of Lisbon