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There is only 1 EU member state in the top 10 countries with the highest percentage of female managers - Latvia at number 7.

Women should be at the centre of the future of the EU

Europe needs to lead by example in Gender Equality

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Where Gender Equality is Closer to a Reality

Where Gender Equality Is Closer to a Reality

European countries dominate the top 10 in the Global Gender Gap Index 2014.


This infographic about the wage gap in Europe has been made by Jakubmarian (

Women Still Earn Less than Men

In term of wages, there is still big gender gap in Europe


The European Institution of Gender Equality

2030: The Gender Gap in Europe is Finally Closed!

The European Institution of Gender Equality (EIGE) has today officially announced that the European Union has reached its goal to become the first region in the world with total equality between the genders. The head of the institution was proudly answering questions at the press conference.

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This infographic has been made by Statista (

The Nobel Prize Gender Gap

Noble Prizes have been awarded to men, much more than to women.