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Macron vs Le Pen

French elections

Who will be the next French President?



List of Stereotypes of France and Frenchmen Seen from Abroad



Bordeaux: Best European Destination in 2015!

Bordeaux is the biggest urban UNESCO World Heritage site in the world and a top tourist destination in Europe.

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The coat of arms of the University of Bucharest

The Faculty of Political Science in Romania – Its Beginnings and Political Science Students

The faculty of Political Science at the University of Bucharest is a brilliant example of how education can help build a connection between young European students, where we can share our experiences and ideas with others, and work together to build a common future and a common identity.

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The French language is spoken by 238 million people worldwide, and by 24% of the EU's population (as a first, or second language).

The Origins of the French Language

From the Celtic language, through Latin, Frankish, Langue D'oil, Langue D'oc and Francien, the French language has had many influences from many parts of Europe.

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The most popular first and secondary foreign languages studied in some European countries.

Do you know which are the most studied languages in Europe?

This infographic presents the top 4 most studied languages in Europe.


Will Chinese become Europe’s lingua franca?

Will Chinese become Europe’s lingua franca?

From 2000 to 2004, the number of students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland taking Advanced Level exams in Chinese increased by 57%

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