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Robert Schuman, pioneer of an united Europe

Europe Day: Let´s celebrate peace and prosperity!

It is in times like these that we have to remember: from an historical perspective, the European Union is still a very successful story, in political and economic terms.

Jan Ottrand on

The most important thing is that this is an exhibition based on thorough research, tying works together in an invisible but effective way. A bridge connects one post-Byzantine icon with a video inspired by "Trojan Women".

Fragments of Greece in Paris

The viewer sees the image of a country, which levitates, awkwardly between the glorious past and the anxiety about an uncertain future.

George Chatzelenis on

Real GDP growth rate - 2014

Real GDP growth rate - 2014

What can we do to stimulate growth?


France sent out military forces to interfere in the conflict with Ansar Dine in Mali.

Mali, a very European intervention?

Is the recent operation in Mali led by France an example for future European interventions?

James Taylor on