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Flags of the world

Discussing Global Changes

A conversation with Prof. Giulio Sapelli, a Professor of Economic History at University of Milan and former member of the Board of ENI Spa, one of the leading oil and gas groups in the world.

Andrea Bonetti on

Ursula von der Leyen, Germany's Minister of Defence

Why Germany needs to wake up if it wants to play a global role

German military needs serious reforms if it wants to play a global security role

Robert Heslop on

In Focus: The Italian EU Presidency – Ambitious reform agenda brings Italy back in European spotlight

In Focus: The Italian EU Presidency – Ambitious reform agenda brings Italy back in European spotlight

Prime Minister Renzi has set a very ambitious reform agenda focus on growth, competitiveness, foreign & security policy, migration and institutional refomr


Catherine Ashton at her meeting with President Mursi in June, the last before his ousting

Egypt: A template for EU foreign policy-making?

Could the relationship between Egypt and the EU serve as a model and a case-study for future EU foreign policy initiatives?

André P DeBattista on

Shimon Peres and José Manuel Barroso (from left to right)

EU´s New Guidelines on Israel – Not about money, but about politics

The EU directive aimed to restrict the financial cooperation beyond the Green Line has raised a series of controversies with ascendent political zest

Michel Anderlini on

Europe Meets Russia Forum

Europe Meets Russia Forum

For those keen to improve their understanding of the relationship between Russia and the EU, the EMR is hosting a weeklong seminar!

Andreea Anastasiu on

True friends - China and Russia?

True friends - China and Russia?

Common enemies and resources draw the the two together these days

Ana Maria Ducuta on