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A Pro-NATO Argument for Finland to Remain Neutral

A Pro-NATO Argument for Finland to Remain Neutral

Matthew Heywood-Cunliffe argues that Finland should remain a neutral state and not seek NATO membership.

Matthew Heywood-Cunliffe on

Global Spending on Research and Development

Spending on Research and Development

Finland has the biggest numbers from all European countries


This infographic about milk consumption in Europe has been made by Jakub Marian (

Milk Consumption in Europe

Finland is the worldwide leader in milk consumption


Processed sugar and raw sugar

The Sugar Reduction Intake or How Can We Promote Healthy Habits in Europe?

The World Health Organization has urged countries to reduce the daily sugar intake for children and adults. Media outlets should raise awareness of the health risks associated with obesity, and promote a more efficient marking system for products and healthy school lunches for children in Europe.

Natalia Ghincul on