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This infographic about chocolate consumers has been made by Statista (

Europeans Love Chocolate

Europeans are also some of the best chocolate producers


Immigration in Europe

Immigration in Europe: Map of the percentage and country of origin of immigrants

Number of immigrants in European countries


Europeans' least favourite countries

The least favorite countries in Europe

We all have our preferences, based on our personal and collective experiences and memories


This map of the most useful languages in Europe has been made by Jakub Marian (

The most useful language in Europe

Europeans voted English as the most useful foreign language


This infographic about the most dangerous jobs in Europe has been made by Statista (

The most dangerous jobs in Europe

Construction is at the top of this list


Circular European Economy

Climate Change and Circular Economy in Europe

The importance of recycling natural resources to the economy.


This infographic about alcohol consumption in Europe has been done by Jakub Marian (

Alcohol Consumption in Europe

Eastern Europeans drink a lot...


This infographic about obesity has been made by Jakub Marian (

Percentage of Obese People in Europe

Turkey and Andorra have the highest percentage of obese people in Europe


This infographic about life expectancy in Europe has been made by Jakub Marian (

Life expectancy in Europe

Andorra has the longest life expectancy in Europe


1 in 4 European children are at risk of poverty. Can Europe eradicate it completely by 2030?

Poverty: Add It to EU History Books

A look at a potential bright future for Europe in the 2030s - but only if we have the right priorities.

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How do YOU say Happy New Year?

Happy New Year in European Languages

Europeans will wish each other Happy New Year soon - in dozens of beautiful languages.


This infographic about neighbour connections in Europe has been made by Statista (

Neighbour Connections in Europe

Spain is the European country with the greatest connection between neighbours. Between Spain and Germany there is a difference of 20%!


Merry Christmas from OneEurope!

OneEurope Wishes You a Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful holiday!


Santa Claus in all European languages

How do you call Santa Claus?

Santa is universal!


Christmas town

Christmas Traditions

Europeans have different ways of celebrating the most important Christian holiday of the year


This infographic made by Statista ( shows where Christmas is more appreciated in Europe.

Europeans are looking forward to Christmas

Christmas is more appreciated in northern Europe, but the situation is different in France


European Colonial Territories

European Colonies

Europeans have established colonies on all continents of the world


The OneEurope GooglePlus Page

Follow OneEurope on GooglePlus!

Help us build the Debate on the Future of Europe!

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The Youth in the EU

Infographic: Everything about youth in the EU

Young People of the EU


This map shows the most often confused countries by holidaymakers in Europe

Commonly Confused Countries in the EU

Many tourists visit a European country without knowing where they are!


The Periodic Table as seen by Country of Discovery.

European Periodic Table

The vast majority of chemical elements in the periodic table have been discovered by Europeans!


Mapping Europe: The Social Atlas of Europe

Mapping Europe: The Social Atlas of Europe

Unlike the traditional maps, the Social Atlas of Europe uses state-of-the-art Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and new human cartography techniques to help visualise Europe in a fluid way.

Andreea Anastasiu on

Distribution of the caloric consumption in Europe

Caloric Consumption Across Europe

Throughout Europe, more people are becoming overweight or obese, because of a larger consumption of calories.


Europe remains the most popular travel destination for Europeans and people from all over the world, during the summer and all around the year.

Where will Europeans travel this summer?

New York, Las Vegas and Dubai... Any other ideas for holidays?


An image speaks 1,000 words. A map sometimes even more. Here is how Europe looked before The Great War.

Map: The Great War and Europe

This Map shows Europe prior to the start of The Great War


The European Youth Event is organized by the European Parliament and took place from 9-11 May in Strasbourg.

The European Youth Legacy

The European Youth Event generated some good recommendations for the European Union, but will they be taken into account?

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Hundreds of Young Europeans will meet in Paris for a week of workshops aiming to create a more conscious European society.

International Youth Forum: “Greater Europe Meetings: Paris 2014”

The Youth Association for a Greater Europe are hosting an international youth forum in order to make Europe more united, by getting young Europeans together for a series of workshops.

Ivan Botoucharov on

Usually famous for "Solidarity", this map shows a totally different side to our Polish brothers.

Europe according to the Polish

Poland has a somewhat unique view of Europe according to this map.


UK Young Ambassadors participate in the Structured Dialogue process – a process which takes place across the European Union whereby young people and decision makers work together on improving youth policy.

Spotlight on the Young Ambassadors

"A respectable 41% of 18-25s in the UK remain in favour of our continuing European membership (vs. 32% against)"

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Global Minimum Wages

Global Minimum Wages

17 of the 26 top countries for Minimum Wages in the World are European