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Infographic of the key actions taken by the European Union to tackle the Eurocrisis.

Infographic: The EU's Response to the Eurocrisis

The European Union took a number of actions and created new policies to tackle the Eurocrisis. Were they effective in your opinion?


Brexit is a sensitive issue in Britain

British Euroscepticism and Immigration

Would an EU exit really solve Britain’s immigration problems?

Tanya Zhekova on

This infographic made by Statista ( shows different food prices in Europe

Food Prices in Europe

Poland has the cheapest food in the EU


Keep Calm & Pay Your Taxes

Quo vadis Hungary? Internet tax for 2015

FIDESZ, the right-wing ruling party in Hungary, is planning to levy an unprecedented tax for internet data traffic.

OneEurope on

EU Enlargement has many benefits, but which is the best one?

EU Enlargement: What is Best About It?

What are the advantages of expanding the European Union?


Volkan Bozkir is very passionate about Turkey's European path.

Turkey’s New EU Strategy

Volkan Bozkir comments on the most important aspects of the Turkey-EU partnership

Cem Kocer on

Ebola cases in Europe (Map created on 15 Oct)

Ebola: An Emergency in the Emergency

EU member states have donated over half a billion Euro to help fight Ebola. However, much more needs to be done.

Katarzyna Nazarewicz on

Europe's high dependence on Russia Gas

Infographic: Europe is highly dependent on Russian gas

Percentage of Russian gas supplied to Europe


Europe's Busiest Psychiatrists. This infographic has been made by Statista (

Portugal Has the EU’s Busiest Psychiatrists

Portugal, Spain and Malta are the European countries where people receive the most psychiatric treatments.


Donald Tusk was one of the least famous European leaders among citizens, but also one of the most respected in the EU circles.

Donald Tusk- President of the European Council

Donald Tusk's election as President of the European Council was a big surprise for many political observers.

Jakub Ciesielczuk on

European Union financing and expenditures.

Infographic: Where the European Union gets its funding from and how it spends it

EU funding is extremely complex, but this infographic explains where it comes from, and what it is used for.


Both the Yes and the No campaigns had many arguments to support their opinion, as well as many supporters.

The Campaigns of the Scottish Independence Referendum

During the last week before the Referendum on the 18th of September, the Scottish Independence debate was hotter than ever.

Lucie Wuester on

Buchanan Street - 13 September

Why I came out for Yes

Kenneth MacArthur describes his motivation for supporting Scotland's independence.

Kenneth MacArthur on

The synthesis of the new commissioners and their roles

Infographic: The New European Commission synthesis

The New Commissioner Roles


Trust in the EU has been falling dramatically since the start of the Eurocrisis, with only a slight increase in recent months.

The Economic crisis shakes Portuguese trust in the EU

Portuguese citizens had shown high levels of trust in the EU but that changed with the economic crisis and the bailout programme.

Susana Santos Faria on

The Youth in the EU

Infographic: Everything about youth in the EU

Young People of the EU


An independent Scotland will give a new momentum to Europe's pro-independence regions.

4 Key Reasons the Scottish Referendum is Crucial to Europe

Whatever the result, the Scottish Independence Referendum will have very significant geopolitical, economic, regional and political effects on Europe.

Ivan Botoucharov on

This map shows the most often confused countries by holidaymakers in Europe

Commonly Confused Countries in the EU

Many tourists visit a European country without knowing where they are!


The Ukrainian Crisis has affected prices for Russian gas in Europe.

Europe and Russia: how much does the gas cost?

What does Europe pay Russia for the gas?


The percentage of smokers in European countries

Smokers in the EU

The percentage of smokers in European countries


The Periodic Table as seen by Country of Discovery.

European Periodic Table

The vast majority of chemical elements in the periodic table have been discovered by Europeans!


The EU's long term budget 2014-2020

‪‎Infographic‬: Where does all the money go? The EU Budget for 2014-2020

This infographic shows with detail what the money of the EU is spent for. It is the long term budget of European Union.


A detailed infographic on the new set-up of the European Parliament.

Infographic: The new European Parliament for 2014-2019

This infographic shows how the European Parliament will look for the next 5 years.


European Unification has seen a steady and progressive rise through many Supranational Organizations.

The European Supranational Organizations

European Unification has gradually been making Europe more peaceful and stable, while giving more opportunities to Europeans.


Infographic about EU jobs

Do you know how to get an EU job?

This interesting infographic shows how to find a EU job and its benefits


The European Project has made significant changes to all aspects of life in Europe. Has been it been positive overall in your opinion?

History of the European Integration

Are you happy with the process of European Integration?


Austerity has hit Europe badly. Especially Southern European states, such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

The indiscipline of European states

"The Greek finance ministers says only "yes" to the decisions of the European Commission without putting the slightest objection, or defending the Greek interests"

George Chatzelenis on

10 Years since the 2004 EU Enlargement

10 Years since the 2004 EU Enlargement

As a number of countries celebrate their ten year membership in the EU, much of the future is still under wraps.


One Europe, One Citizenship

One Europe, One Citizenship

The very foundation of the European citizenship, namely the right to live and work throughout the Union is threatened.

Mathias Darmell on

Official Visit of French President and Heads of International Organisations

The Community vision of the French President François Hollande: Part III

The multi-speed Europe and the federal Europe in the Hollande’s vision; Community measures supported by Hollande

Dr. Loredana Patrutiu-Baltes on