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Graphic visualising the response, when British people were asked to finish the sentence: "The UK's closest ties should be to..." (results in %).

No Country is an Island

What is the British identity and how can it relate to the European Union? Being geographically part and at the same time separated from the continent, it may be stated that Britain maintained quite a detached attitude towards it due to its island identity.

Irina Suchkova on

A paramilitary police officer carries the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi, 3, who died after boats carrying desperate Syrian migrants to the Greek island of Kos capsized, near Bodrum, Turkey.

Chaos and Shame in Europe – The Results of the Refugee Crisis

For months, refugees have desperately tried to enter Europe, escaping from violence in their home countries and in search of safety in Europe. For months, some EU member states have done everything possible to keep refugees out of their countries, doing everything to not fulfil their obligations as members of the Union.

Oliver Krumme on

There is only 1 EU member state in the top 10 countries with the highest percentage of female managers - Latvia at number 7.

Women should be at the centre of the future of the EU

Europe needs to lead by example in Gender Equality

Amy Longland on

The European Dream and a new Ellis Island

The European Dream and a new Ellis Island

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

The Electoral Commission suggests the UK Government to change the referendum question (Source: BBC)

Revising the referendum question

The British Electoral Commission suggests the Government to change the referendum question to avoid bias.


Only 2 of the top 10 countries for Refugees per Capita are EU Member States. Nevertheless, lacking the experience and united approach in refugee policies, many issues are rising throughout Europe, which will dramatically change our society.

Mass-Migration changing European Society

From enormous fences to far-right violence - the mis-management of migration policy and lack of a coherent and united approach are creating huge issues in European society.

Oliver Krumme on

The Spainsh team at work

Defining Europe after Troika. An exchange in Portugal.

A dialogue between the youth of Southern European countries

Olga Ambrosiewicz on

Smart companies hire talents from diverse cultures

Smart companies hire talents from diverse cultures

Employing expats brings many benefits to companies. They just need to learn to embrace diversity.

Olivia Strzelczyk on

UK and EU flags

Taking Pride in the UK's Contributions to the EU

The UK has been at the forefront of some of the EU's greatest successes and it is time the public were made aware of this.

Robert Heslop on

Security Fence in Calais

Mending Fences and Climbing Walls. Border Control in Europe.

Can Europe tackle the immigration crisis unfolding on its doorstep without compromising its fundamental values?

Olga Ambrosiewicz on

Is UK going to leave the European Union?

Are We Really United in Diversity?

Exploring the influence of the right-wing media on our perception

Asher Simpson on

 Europe: Fortress or Safe Haven?

Europe: Fortress or Safe Haven?

The acute immigration crisis is facing Europe with a complex dilemma, but building a European fortress is not a sustainable answer to the crisis.

Bella Felix on

This infographic about youth unemployment has been made by Statista (

Youth Unemployment in Europe

Spain is the European country with the worst youth unemployment rate



Brexit: Debunking the Myths

In response to a recent article published on OneEurope about the reasons behind the calls for Brexit, Rob Heslop addresses some of the most common myths and misconceptions about the EU and its relationship with Britain.

Robert Heslop on

Greek and EU flags flying in Athens

The Greek Crisis and the EU

For the first time since Greece’s accession to the European community in 1981, Greece stands in the middle of a crossroad as its commitment to European values and agreements is being questioned.

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

NO vote demonstration in support of Greece in Madrid

The Greek Referendum: the Next Steps

Will the clear NO vote in Sunday's referendum help Greek PM Alexis Tsipras negotiate a better deal for Greece with the country's European creditors?

Klaudjo Kavaja on

Africa is an important partner for Europe

Infographic: EU-Africa Trade

Trade between Europe and Africa


The Greek Economic Crisis and Ireland’s Example

The Greek Economic Crisis and Ireland’s Example

OneEurope contributor Kareem Padraig A. McDonald argues that to achieve economic recovery Greece must live up to its international commitments and follow Ireland's example of economic discipline.

Kareem Padraig A. McDonald on

The Greek Referendum

The Greek Referendum

Fourty years since the fall of the Junta, the Greek people is once again called to the polls to vote in the eigthth referendum of the country. This is a historic moment not just for Greece, but for the whole of Europe.

Dimitra Kalyva on

The Greek Parliament in Athens

The Greek Crisis and the Eurogroup Negotiations

As Greek debt negotiations continue in Brussels, the country itself remains divided over its future.

Christos Mouzeviris on

Trust in the European Union is growing

Infographic: Faith in the EU is Reviving

Despite the growth of Eurosceptic parties, trust in the European Union is on the rise


Harrowing trip to Europe

The Mediterranean and the EU: Migration and Security

The immigration crisis in the Mediterranean has become critical, and the EU must take decisive action to prevent yet another humanitarian tragedy on its borders.

André P DeBattista on

Infographic about the European Union Debt Crisis

The EU Debt Crisis in Charts

The European Union Debt Crisis


Minorities, native peoples and ethnic groups

The Nation State

An overview of the concepts of state, nation, federalism and the nation-state in the European Union

Robin Alves on

Infographic - Entrepreneurship

Infographic: Successful European Ventures backed Companies

European entrepreneurship on the rise


The British EU Referendum will define the future of the UK and of the European Union.

Campaign to keep the UK in the EU

If you think the UK is better off in the EU, check out "Remain Great, Remain In".

OneEurope on

EU Funding for Research

Infographic: The EU supported International Cooperation in Research

European Union funding for Research and Innovation


Eurozone Crisis Timeline

Infographic: Eurocrisis Timeline

The European Union experienced its greatest crisis, whose effect is still being felt.


"The modern notion of democracy is substantially more participatory."

The Wind of Change

Can Europe respond to the changing needs of her people?

Peter Josika on

The European Growth Strategy for Central Europe

Europe 2020 - The EU's Growth Strategy

The European Union's Growth Strategy for Central Europe