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The latest stats on "General Government Gross Depth" by Eurostat.

Why taxes and financial measures cannot bring the money back to creditors

Athanasios Vasilopoulos analyses the dramatic measures taken by governments to repay loans in haste, which often lead to long term issues in the real economy of the affected countries.

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

Asylum seekers travelling through Greece are stopped from going into other Balkan countries.

The European Union – at the crossroads between nationalism and solidarity

Where is the solidarity within the European Union? Paul Hahnenkamp analyses the response to the growing humanitarian crisis in Greece in the context of European and national politics of the present day and recent years.

Paul Hahnenkamp on

DGB Youth's rally for solidarity with Greece

European Young Trade Unionists: "We are not a Lost Generation”

During the recent EU Youth 2020 Strategy Conference in Berlin young Europeans showed solidarity with Greece and discussed alternatives to austerity.

Miroslav Hajnoš on

Greeks celebrating the referendum outcome

How long will the joy last?

The Greeks delivered a decisive "No" at the referendum


The Modern History of Greece has been very eventful.

What Brought Greece Here

A historical overview of the modern history of Greece and the factors which led to the current crisis.

Agamemnon Apostolou on

Eurozone Crisis Timeline

Infographic: Eurocrisis Timeline

The European Union experienced its greatest crisis, whose effect is still being felt.


Energy in Europe

High Time for a European Energy Policy

The EU currently imports more than 50% of the energy it consumes. The political and economic consequences of this import dependency could be managed in a more effective way through a coordinated European energy policy rather than through 28 different national policies. It is high time for a European energy union. on

Debt in European countries

Public Debt in Europe

The rates of Government Debt vary significantly throughout Europe and reveal important issues.


10 out of 15 cities with the most millionaires are in Europe

The Highest Millionaire Density is in Europe

Europe remains the top location for millionaires worldwide


Infographic of the key actions taken by the European Union to tackle the Eurocrisis.

Infographic: The EU's Response to the Eurocrisis

The European Union took a number of actions and created new policies to tackle the Eurocrisis. Were they effective in your opinion?


Trust in the EU has been falling dramatically since the start of the Eurocrisis, with only a slight increase in recent months.

The Economic crisis shakes Portuguese trust in the EU

Portuguese citizens had shown high levels of trust in the EU but that changed with the economic crisis and the bailout programme.

Susana Santos Faria on


What lies behind the success of the right-wing populism and extremism in Europe?

European problems and opportunities must be managed at the European level and with a mandate from the citizens

Mathias Darmell on

The European Union Budget

Where does the EU money come from? Where does it go?

Infographic revealing the European budget


„Now we have to find the courage to implement the changes in our society, which are necessary to come back to the top of the economic and social development in Europe.“ (Gerhard Schröder, translated from his speech in the Bundestag at the 14th of March 2003)

Could Schröder's "Agenda 2010" save Europe?!

Germany evolved from “the sick man” to the powerhouse of Europe after Chancellor Gerhard Schröder introduced his “Agenda 2010”. Could this also be a guide for Europe?

Jan Ottrand on

Table: Selected Euro sovereign 5 year CDS historic spread (2010-2013, bps)

The Graphic that proves the End of the Financial Crisis

Table: Selected Euro sovereign 5 year CDS historic spread (2010-2013, bps)


There's only to lose in case of a Euro-Break-Up, Der Spiegel finds.

Calculating the Risk

Various groups make up their own crisis outcome scenarios. In case of rupture, German magazine Der Spiegel says, the Eurozone could be described as being in a lose-lose situation - …