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Is the Eurozone crisis about to end or will it be a continuous standstill?

Is the future of Eurozone in trouble?

Gunter Grass had once stated that: “The European Union arose on an economic foundation, and it turns out that even this is not a solid base.”

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

Lithuania joins the Eurozone

Discussing Lithuania's Eurozone entrance with Dr. Vitas Vasiliauskas

An interview with one of Central Bank of Lithuania's board members on the implications of joining the Eurozone

Thomas Mulhall on

Juncker Investment Plan for Europe

Juncker Investment Plan for Europe

315 bn is expected to be distributed through financing over the next three years in order to enhance public sources and liberalize private investment

Charoula Georgiou on

The desire for Greek & EU Unity

Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

Assessing the Greek need to accept the harsh realities of their economic plight

Liam Keenan on


How can the eurozone evolve into a federal body, and should it?

French President Hollande has called for the eurozone to federate. The questions that need to be asked are - can the eurozone federate and still be part of the EU, and should it even go down that path. Today, the eurozone has a population of 338,335,000 out of an EU population of 508,200,000 or 66.57% of the total EU population.

James Bailey on

NO vote demonstration in support of Greece in Madrid

The Greek Referendum: the Next Steps

Will the clear NO vote in Sunday's referendum help Greek PM Alexis Tsipras negotiate a better deal for Greece with the country's European creditors?

Klaudjo Kavaja on

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras talking in front of a NO vote rally in Athens

The Greek Referendum: Yes or No?

Europe is Greece and Greece is Europe. Yes or no, Greece's historic referendum will invariably determine Greece's fate within the Union.

OneEurope on

The Greek Referendum

The Greek Referendum

Fourty years since the fall of the Junta, the Greek people is once again called to the polls to vote in the eigthth referendum of the country. This is a historic moment not just for Greece, but for the whole of Europe.

Dimitra Kalyva on

Europe vs Greece

Greece vs Europe

Greece is now closer than ever to leave the eurozone


Am I already in debt, too?

Am I already in debt, too?

Public Debt


This map with coins has been made by Daily Infographics (

World Map made with Local Coins

A nice world map made with coins


50 Deutsche Mark note

Germany Should Stop Killing the New Deutsche Mark

We all thank Germany for the Deutsche Mark’s strong foundations that the Euro was built on. Nonetheless, Germany should understand that in a family we solve the upcoming problems through dialogue and flexibility.

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on


Nobody Is Happy in the Eurozone

The Greek debt drama is fueling the tension between the creditors from the North of Europe and the debtors (mostly) from the South. This complicated situation prompts many to ask: “Was the Eurozone such a good idea after all?”

Tanya Zhekova on


Lithuania joins the Eurozone

A step forward towards Lithuania's European Integration


The European Monetary Fund to replace the "non-democratic" Troika

The European Monetary Fund to replace the "non-democratic" Troika

On 13 of March, the MEPs have agreed on establishing a new instrument that would replace the Troika in dealing with the recovery of the eurozone.

Lusine Sargsyan on

Europe's falling bridges?

Europe's falling bridges?

The EU dream of bridging the gaps between its members is threatened by an absence of solidarity and mutual understanding.

InterMedi@KT on

Hyperinflation, a real risk?

Hyperinflation, a real risk?

While European economies are still economically struggling, wouldn't the relationship between growth and higher inflation be worth exploring?

Robin Alves on

The Euro: Estonian experience

The Euro: Estonian experience

In 2014 Latvia is going to join the Eurozone. This very important step towards European integration raised a debate in the Latvian society: despite the obvious benefits for country's economy,…


Next year the Euro will also be accepted in Riga

The new Eurozone star: Latvia

Latvia has slowly but surely recovered from economic drowning and secured a place in the Eurozone.

Ana Maria Ducuta on

Do the EU and Eurozone expansions bring hope and stability to the block?

Do the EU and Eurozone expansions bring hope and stability to the block?

It seems that despite the economic crisis that brought much doubt about the block's credibility, there are plenty of countries that still want to join

Christos Mouzeviris on

Warsaw: Adopting the Euro soon?

Should Poland Join The Eurozone?

Poland seems to be aware that to uphold its growing position in the EU it will soon have to adopt the euro as a currency

Mateusz Krupczynski on

The crisis in Europe requires a great deal of political will for deep reforms. The EU is visibly loosing its economic might in the last 5 years. The integration of the Union is weakening. The debt issues of the South are creating sharp tensions. Our common problems are given national solutions. They are often in expense of the others.

The Real Reasons behind the Euro Crisis, from a Former Prime Minister

"It is not a coincidence that the crisis in the Southern and South-Eastern periphery is the strongest."

Dr. Ivan Kostov MP on

The Euro and its Future

The Euro and its Future

If we keep patching things up temporarily, European voters will definitely have enough of having to pay for the mistakes of our governments.

The Eblana European Democratic Movement. Christos Mouzeviris on

The new government of Italy will have the difficult task to keep on restoring the faith in the Euro.

Italian elections threaten austerity

The recent elections in Italy have created a political standoff in the country. But yet one message is clear: The people voted against the current austerity politics.

Constantine Papademetriou on

 Two Europes in one? Part Two

Two Europes in one? Part Two

The two-part series of articles examine the issue of European integration in light of state practice, with special regard to that of the British.

Dr. Eva Peña on

EU Parliament

Europe's Democratic Dilemma

The lack of democratic influence by the people of Europe is nothing new for the EU. Where is democracy now that we need it most?

Jan Ottrand on

Where would a European federalism lead us?

One Europe - at the expense of two?

The federal visions for Europe do not accord with the priciples of liberal democracies. A deconstruction of the modern European slogans.

Stephen Patriarca on

It is expected, within the inner circles of banking and finance, that the two large French banks BNP Paribas and Societe General will begin repaying ECB loans as well.

Insider: "Financial Crisis is Over"

An e-mail from a banker arrived in our inbox, with inside statistics and announcements not been made public yet, pointing out the end of the crisis.

Anonymous Banker on

Under growing pressure of eurosceptic segments inside his party, Cameron needs to gain back a stronger weight in the discussion on where his party is heading towards, if he wants to stay in power.

Cameron's Temptation

Under the growing pressure of eurosceptics inside his party, David Cameron has to find ways to shape his profile for the upcoming elections. Might he turn popular and eurosceptic? Or …


Federalism, Confederalism and the European Superstate

Federalism, Confederalism and the European Superstate

One of the main themes in the current debate on the future of European integration is the alleged or real dilemma between the break up of the euro zone and …

Protesilaos Stavrou on