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United Kingdom Houses of Parliment

OneEurope UK Meeting at the Houses of Parliament

OneEurope UK recently met at the Houses of Parliament to discuss the campaign to keep the UK in Europe

Gareth Bell on

Albanian Sworn Virgin

Child Marriage in Europe and the Sworn Virgins of Northern Albania

Highlighting the human rights abuses that still exist in Europe today

Blerina Karagjozi on

 London Life

The KCL European Society, the Place for 'Generation Europe'

Ambitiously forging a common European identity amongst London's students.

Robert Heslop on

The Exit Argument

Assessing the Battlefield: Why are There Calls for 'Brexit'?

What is driving the anti-EU and no campaign in the Brexit referendum?

OneEurope on

The Rising Flight of Euro-Speak

Euro-Speak- A Language Made In Brussels

A look into the origin of the language that is designed to bind Europe

Rada Gankova on

The slow erosion of European integration?

The UK General Election and its Repercussions

The Seismic shift in British politics following the UK general election

Jakub Ciesielczuk on

The proposal to increase the territorial waters of Spain and Portugal

Portugal & Spain - the territorial disputes of Olivenza and the Savage Islands (Part II)

Despite EU integration, territorial grievances in Europe still linger on

Fábio Lopes Paulos on