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Give Me Liberty at My Death

Will the End of Life Law in France Influence the Rest of Europe?

On Tuesday, 10th of March, the French National Assembly discussed The End of Life Law, granting the "right to continuous deep sedation". Thus, the patient "may claim to sleep before dying in order to not suffer". Combining emotions and values, at the crossroads of morality and ethics, the question of euthanasia mobilizes the civil society. Within the European Union, each country legislates on their own. But faced with such challenges, a comprehensive understanding of the European context will be beneficial in order to better understand the future prospects.

Robin Alves on

How to deal with ethics and transparency in the EU

How to deal with ethics and transparency in the EU

In the context of financial crisis, the stakes of lobbying are higher than ever, so the decision making needs safeguards to ensure transparency and integrity

Dr. Eva Peña on