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EU Flagship Initiatives

Europe 2020 - A Time to Heal

Why tackling health and social inequalities is important for the EU 2015-2020

Ana Oliveira on

Should the EU do more to encourage men to take paternity leave?

Paternity Leave in the European Union

Forty years ago Sweden was the first country in the world to introduce a paid parental leave allowance with no regard to gender, but Europe still has a long way to go to shrink the gap between paternity and maternity leave.

Ann Nasser on

Where Gender Equality is Closer to a Reality

Where Gender Equality Is Closer to a Reality

European countries dominate the top 10 in the Global Gender Gap Index 2014.


Romani women, Moldova

Access to Education in Moldova: Is Education Inclusive and Equal for Everyone in Europe?

Access to education is one of the key requirements for an equal and fair society. However for some of Europe's most vulnerable citizens there are many obstacles to enjoying this basic right.

Gosia Juchniewicz on

Gender equality an unfulfilled promise

Gender equality an unfulfilled promise

Gender equality is a human right.  


This infographic of gender equality has been made by Statista (

Gender Equality

In some European countries gender equality is more developed than in others.