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UK and EU flags

Taking Pride in the UK's Contributions to the EU

The UK has been at the forefront of some of the EU's greatest successes and it is time the public were made aware of this.

Robert Heslop on

The signing of the Lisbon Treaty in 2007.

The Long Portuguese Accession Process

Ahead of Europe Day, Fabio Paulos reflects on Portugal's complex process of joining the European Economic Community, and maps some of the country's key contributions to developing the European community and fostering European integration.

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

Some of the developments and future prospects of the EU.

Infographic: The European Union's Future Prospects

This infographic shows the growing power of the EU


Should the EU suspend its enlargement?

Should the EU suspend its enlargement?

The EU expansion has shown its benefits and backlashes. Does it worth to grow futher?

Mateusz Krupczynski on

From EU-27 to EU-28

From EU-27 to EU-28

Croatia is joining the EU. What are the risks and perspectives to the EU’s 28th Member State?

Aleko Stoyanov on

Sea view on Rovinj, now part of the EU

Welcome Croatia!

OneEurope welcomes Croatia by offering an overview of the facts and consequences of the accession of Croatia

Casper Ravnsted-Larsen on

Can you spot the change?

Croatia and the EU: The Challenges

This image will be outdated tomorrow. But is Croatia's accession into the EU a great opportunity, or a great challenge? Or perhaps both?

Mateusz Krupczynski on

Croatia will become part of the EU on the 1st of July

Croatia and EU enlargement

On July 1st, 2013, Croatia will become the 28th member state to accede to the European Union.

André P DeBattista on

EU enlargement.

EU enlargement.

It is known that freedom of speech and press is one of the most important conditions for a candidate state to be accepted into the EU.


First Croatian European Parliament elections 2013.

First Croatian European Parliament elections 2013.

The 28th member starts its membership with a worrisome turnout

Christos Mouzeviris on