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sunset in Amsterdam

21st century fairy tales

European monarchies

Bella Felix on

canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Venice of the North

As a recent visitor of Amsterdam, I created a short presentation of the city and I am willing to give you some advice to enjoy your trip.

Robin Alves on

first mosque in the Netherlands was opened on the 9th of Decemeber 1955 in the Hague

The construction of new mosques creates friction in the Netherlands

In Assendelft, the Netherlands, a group of Muslims wants to build a mosque. This fact generates friction between the residents and the organisation that wants to build it. Locals are alarmed by possible nuisance, inadequate funding, depreciation of their houses and a lot more. They are scared by Islamic extremism and don’t want anything to do with this house of prayer. Potential mosque in Assendelft is not the only one causing problems and disagreement in the country. In ten municipalities the construction of these buildings encounters opposition by local residents. Why are the Dutch so afraid?

Bella Felix on

Number of languages spoken in the EU

Avarage number of languages spoken by the EU population

Dutch people are leading the way, when it comes to foreign languages.


Holland. The Original Cool.

Holland. The Original Cool.

The Netherlands is considered a very hip and cool country.