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Democracy and the rule of law in the EU

Democracy and the rule of law in the EU

On October 25, 2016 the European Parliament adopted a resolution which calls on the European Commission to establish a mechanism for safeguarding democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights.[^EUDRF] …

Protesilaos Stavrou on

EU and UK flags

Yes to Europe: Dismissing the Eurosceptic Claims

Uncovering the inaccuracies and myths behind some of the most frequent eurosceptic arguments against EU membership

Robert Heslop on

British Prime Minister David Cameron

Mr Cameron, dare you catch the train to Brussels? You might find unexpected allies.

OneEurope contributor Rob Heslop argues that British PM David Cameron should accept Guy Verhofstadt's invitation to address the European Parliament on his proposals for EU reform.

Robert Heslop on

The European Court of Human Rights Uncovered

What It Does? Who It Protects? Why It Matters?


Greek and EU flags flying in Athens

The Greek Crisis and the EU

For the first time since Greece’s accession to the European community in 1981, Greece stands in the middle of a crossroad as its commitment to European values and agreements is being questioned.

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

NO vote demonstration in support of Greece in Madrid

The Greek Referendum: the Next Steps

Will the clear NO vote in Sunday's referendum help Greek PM Alexis Tsipras negotiate a better deal for Greece with the country's European creditors?

Klaudjo Kavaja on

The Greek Economic Crisis and Ireland’s Example

The Greek Economic Crisis and Ireland’s Example

OneEurope contributor Kareem Padraig A. McDonald argues that to achieve economic recovery Greece must live up to its international commitments and follow Ireland's example of economic discipline.

Kareem Padraig A. McDonald on

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras talking in front of a NO vote rally in Athens

The Greek Referendum: Yes or No?

Europe is Greece and Greece is Europe. Yes or no, Greece's historic referendum will invariably determine Greece's fate within the Union.

OneEurope on

The Greek Referendum

The Greek Referendum

Fourty years since the fall of the Junta, the Greek people is once again called to the polls to vote in the eigthth referendum of the country. This is a historic moment not just for Greece, but for the whole of Europe.

Dimitra Kalyva on

The Greek Parliament in Athens

The Greek Crisis and the Eurogroup Negotiations

As Greek debt negotiations continue in Brussels, the country itself remains divided over its future.

Christos Mouzeviris on

Map of the Turkish elections

Infographic: Turkish Parliamentary Elections 2015

The success of pro-Kurdish party HDP has been a big surprise.


The legalisation of same sex marriage in Ireland

The legalisation of same sex marriage in Ireland

Same sex couples are now allowed to marry in Ireland

Christos Mouzeviris on

The directors of OneEurope: Cherian, Hannah and Ivan

OneEurope: Behind the Scenes

What started in 2011 as a small Facebook group, has grown into a pan-European media. Today OneEurope has hundreds of active volunteers and tens of thousands of regular readers. In May 2015 OneEurope met in Berlin to discuss strategies and to plan for the future.

Mirea Cartabbia on

Snapshot of the Freedom in the World Report by Freedom House

World Freedom Index 2015

Belarus shows the lowest levels of freedom in Europe


Survey from 2008 gives a puzzling image on Europe's understanding of democracy

Do Europeans Understand Democracy?

How many of us secretly long for the perfect leader? Would we trade democracy for wealth and security?


There are thousands of victims of the Ukrainian war

2014 in Numbers: The Conflict in Ukraine

Thousands of people have been killed and many more have been wounded and displaced in Ukraine in 2014



Increased localism renews interest in democracy and can save Great Britain

Localism's importance in democracy

Guest Author on

Between Federation and Disintegration: Can Europe redefine Itself?

Between Federation and Disintegration: Can Europe redefine Itself?

The EU is at a crossroads, and the question Europe as a whole needs to ask itself is how it should cope with the growing demand for more democracy as well as more local and regional power within an increasingly globalised world. In this exclusive article for OneEurope, Peter Josika asks whether the current political structures meet the needs of our time and the foreseeable future.

Peter Josika on

Albanian boat “VLORA” and Albanian emigrants that reached Italy in 1991

Don’t miss the boat...

On 8th of December the Albanian Youth marks a significant date in tribute to the Students Movement in 1990. On this date a group of students and their professors gathered in the Student’s city to start the protests that lead to the fall of communism in 1990.

Blerina Karagjozi on

The Latest Situation in the east of Ukraine in November

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - The Final Chapter

The last part of the series looking at the underlying causes of the crisis in Ukraine

Richard Rozwadowski on

The flag of Ukraine

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - Part II

A three part guide to the crisis in Ukraine. In Part II the author discusses the relationship between economics and politics in Ukraine.

Richard Rozwadowski on

The Russian bear has awoken.

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - Part I

A three part guide to the crisis in Ukraine. In Part I the author looks at the international political context following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Richard Rozwadowski on

Berlin Wall Infographic

Berlin Wall Fall 25 years, let’s enjoy the festivities tonight!

Berlin was once divided in two by a 155km concrete wall for 28 years from 13th August 1961 until 9th November 1989. Today we celebrate 25 years since the Fall of the Wall.

Olivia Strzelczyk on

A more fitting stamp for Romanian elections

Farcical Elections in Romania: How Not to Run an Election

On 2 November 2014 Romanians went to the polls to elect a new president, but those abroad were left waiting for hours outside polling stations to cast their vote.

Andreea Anastasiu on

It is final.

It is final.

For the first time in history, the European Parliament decided upon the leading EU executive in a democratic vote.


Year one without independent TV

Year one without independent TV

By switching off public TV, democracy has taken a step back in Greece.

George Chatzelenis on

Bleibel, Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon)

The issue of democracy in Turkey

Which road is Erdogan taking?

Andreea Cristina Apostol on

According to Global Peace Index, Russia ranks 131st out of 140 countries in peace. This was prior to the Ukrainian Crisis.

The Death of Media Freedom in Russia

A string of extreme measures against the internet, independent media, NGOs and individuals have been developing in Russia.


Extremism threat in the South-East of Ukraine

Extremism threat in the South-East of Ukraine

Independent experts group on current situation in the conflict area


Political change in France: what consequences for Europe?

Political change in France: what consequences for Europe?

In the surprising and turbulent aftermath of its recent municipal elections, is France politically lining up with the populist trend sweeping Europe?

Robin Alves on