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European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Our Heritage: where the past meets the future


Coffee consumption trends identified by Euromonitor International

Coffee Consumption on the Rise in Europe

At home, on the go or in the office. There is no denying the fact that coffee consumption has increased considerably in Europe and other parts of the world recently. The International …

Ann Nasser on

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak from the OneEurope team!


Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Key to Overcoming in the Crisis


Percentage of population of EU countries that answered 'yes' to the question 'do you feel European?'

European Citizenship

Ethos of the Future, or Hopeless Pipe Dream?

Amy Longland on

canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Venice of the North

As a recent visitor of Amsterdam, I created a short presentation of the city and I am willing to give you some advice to enjoy your trip.

Robin Alves on

Au pair in Europe

The Au Pair Experience: Your Foot in the Door of a Journey Abroad?

Our authors Ana Oliveira and Karolina Pronckute share their insight into the challenging yet rewarding experience of working as an au pair, and explain why this role can lead to a longer-term career abroad.

Ana Oliveira on

A Modern Fairy Tale

Sightseeing Europe!


Children performing at Rozhen Festival

Rozhen Folklore Festival: Keeping BulgarianTraditions Alive

Created from division and continued under unification, Rozhen showcases the beauty and diversity of Bulgarian Folklore

Rada Gankova on

Amália Rodrigues

Amália Rodrigues - The Queen of Fado

In Portuguese "Fado" has two different meanings. The less common meaning is "destino" (fate) - from the latin word "fatum". But the most widely recognised meaning refers to the traditional Portuguese song.

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

W.E. Art Project

Inspiration of W.E. ART - Women Empowerment Through Art

Lidiia Kozhevnikova writes about her art initiative whose mission is to raise awareness of the importance of women in today’s society and to empower women through the art of photography.

Lidiia Kozhevnikova on

A Question for the Digital Age

A Question for the Digital Age



The poster of the exhibition

The Light Wins Over the Shadow: Culture against the Italian Mafia

Home to one of the most dangerous mafia clans in Italy, Casal di Principe has been experiencing a rebirth thanks to a new, outstanding museum which opened its doors to the public in June.

Santino Santinelli on

The European City/Capital of Culture Programme was launched in 1985 and the ECoC title has been awarded to nearly 60 cities in 30 countries.

Research Studies on European Capitals of Culture Programme

Santino Santinelli looks into research on effects of the European Capitals of Culture Programme on economic and cultural developments of selected cities.

Santino Santinelli on

The Alhambra palace - the singular most popular tourist destination in Andalusia

Bad News for Iconic Culture Sites

Cultural heritage sites and the impact of diminished funding

Olga Ambrosiewicz on

Infographic: How much do Europeans drink?

Infographic: How much do Europeans drink?

A small guide into drinking with different European nations


European Map of Stereotypes

What happened to the English Gentlemen?

European stereotypes: drunk Brits are everywhere


Top European Cartoon Characters

Infographic: The Most Well-Known European Cartoon Characters

Who is your favourite?


The Dark Hedges of County Antrim

European Countries: Spectacular Filming Locations for Game of Thrones

Fans of the TV series, eager to see where it is filmed, are contributing to an increase in the number of visitors to Northern Ireland and Croatia.

Susana Santos Faria on

Louvre Museum, an unmissable landmark of Paris

Discovering Paris on an Erasmus Scholarship

A former Erasmus student gives a personal account of how she fell in love with the City of Lights.

Dr. Loredana Patrutiu-Baltes on


Erasmus - No Need for Translation

Most people in Europe born in the 90s and onwards have heard of it. Its popularity lies upon the numerous stories told by the millions of young folks that have participated. It is considered a must for young –and not only- students across the continent. It is also a fundamental element in the European Union’s agenda for education and culture for its citizens.

Natasha Papathanasiou on

Europeans are "Google-ing" these products most of all.

The Most Googled European Products

Top Google Results in European Countries


The Schuman Declaration

The Schuman Declaration

The full text of the document that laid the foundations of the European Coal and Steel Community, the early predecessor of the European Union.

OneEurope on

Flags of the Member States of the European Union

Euro Quiz

Do you think you know Europe? Are you a novice or an EU guru? Test your knowledge of the European Union with our Europe Day quiz!

OneEurope on

Traditional Hats and Caps across Europe

Traditional Hats and Caps across Europe

European Lifestyle


Hagia Sophia, a landmark of Istanbul

Once Erasmus, Forever Erasmus: A Portuguese Erasmus Experience in Istanbul

A personal account of one of our Portuguese writer's Erasmus adventure in Istanbul

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

7,000 Years of History

7,000 Years of History


The Balkans are a very diverse, historic and culturally rich region.

Imagining the Balkans...

An exhibition in Athens, co-created by 11 Balkan nations, helps heal wounds and open minds.

George Chatzelenis on

Stars Made in Europe!

Infographic: Famous Actors Born in Europe

All those movie stars were born in Europe!


More than Just Mountains

More than Just Mountains

The Beauty of Switzerland