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Ukraine: One Year after Euromaidan

Ukraine: One Year after Euromaidan

That was a tough year for Ukraine and Europe. Let's see what has changed!


The Latest Situation in the east of Ukraine in November

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - The Final Chapter

The last part of the series looking at the underlying causes of the crisis in Ukraine

Richard Rozwadowski on

The flag of Ukraine

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - Part II

A three part guide to the crisis in Ukraine. In Part II the author discusses the relationship between economics and politics in Ukraine.

Richard Rozwadowski on

The Russian bear has awoken.

The Ukraine Crisis for Dummies and Why It Is Important - Part I

A three part guide to the crisis in Ukraine. In Part I the author looks at the international political context following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Richard Rozwadowski on

Is there an end-game for Putin?

Is there an end-game for Putin?

What is going on in the Ukraine-Russia conflict?

Richard Rozwadowski on

A very large civil society developed in Ukraine over the past year.

Ukraine - between Russia and the EU

Ukraine faces a challenging future between the Russian Federation and Europe.

Jakub Ciesielczuk on


Ukraine, a bridge that turns into a wall

“The world will never be the same” said the previous president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy after the Crimean annexing, the first act since the Second World War. 

Robin Alves on

Despite the existence of many European and Global defence organizations in which European countries participate, defence expenditure overall has been dropping significantly throughout the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Europe Caught Napping on Defence

Defence expenditure in Europe has dropped significantly over the past two decades, encouraged by the end of the Cold War and the Eurocrisis.

Tom Hobson on

"Russian Speaking" is not the same as "Ethnic Russian". There are almost no regions in Europe with a majority of Ethnic Russian population - including the east of Ukraine.

Ethnic Russian Population in Eastern Europe

These maps show that the regions with a majority of Russian speaking population, do not actually have a majority of ethnic Russians. This destroys the Kremlins entire theory of protecting ethnic Russians outside of Russia.


Donetsk citizens surrounding and protecting the statue of Lenin after pro-Russian TV broadcasted the news that Right Sector was coming to destroy it.

Donetsk should not be separated from Ukraine - we are one country!

One Europe's reporter Julián Péter interviewed a Ukrainian student about the situation in Ukraine and the perspectives of its solution

Julian Peter on

Solidarity in Ukraine

Solidarity in Ukraine

There are Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians, Polish and many other ethnicities in Ukraine. They have lived in solidarity and brotherhood for centuries


Vladimir Putin surprised the International Community with his actions in Ukraine. How will Europe and the US respond to the Ukrainian Crisis?

How Ukraine’s crisis surprised the naive West

People in the West seemed to think the communist giant had been defeated after the fall of the Soviet Union

Project for Democratic Union on

Sanctions are taking their toll. Russia's actions in Crimea & Eastern Ukraine, have been widely condemned by the international community.

Ukraine: Enemy at the Gates… or Rather – Already Within?

Olga Petrova is a writer for OneEurope from Eastern Ukraine. Here are her thoughts on the current crisis.

Olga Petrova on

40,000 Russian troops remain on Ukraine's borders, while more and more weapons and ammunition are making their way into eastern Ukraine.

Breaking News in Ukraine

This week has been crucial in the development of the Ukrainian Crisis, and the politics of Europe as a whole.


The Latest Breaking News on Ukraine

The Latest Breaking News on Ukraine

Amazing developments on all sides of the Ukrainian Crisis have taken place today.


Black Sea in Feodosia

What Europe can do for Crimea

A resonance of international community about the situation in Crimea

Matthew Heywood-Cunliffe on

Black Sea View

Crimea - a place where the Ukrainian summer lives!

Opinions about the current situation in Crimea.

Lidiia Kozhevnikova on

Crimea: what should the EU do?

Crimea: what should the EU do?

Europe is searching for diplomatic ways of solving the Crimean crisis


Euromaidan protests in Munich

Russia threatened of severe sanctions by the EU

After Russia’s latest actions, the EU threatens to implement a series of political and economic sanctions against the country.

Lusine Sargsyan on