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Romanian protesters

The corrupt Romanian politicians want their country back.. from the people

Romanian politicians don't give up so easy on their fellow convicts


Over 120.000 people protested in Bucharest alone and some other 200.000 in the rest of the country

Romanian democracy and rule of law are in danger

EU officials are extremely worried



EU worried by the actions of the socialist government in Bucharest, Romania

The government in Bucharest is trying to soften the anti-corruption legislation


Victor Ponta

Romanian PM faces protests to resign over corruption allegations

Romanian PM, Victor Ponta, is charged with forgery, money-laundering, conflict of interest and tax evasion.


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Corruption – an Incurable Tumor that Kills our Societies?

The international fight against corruption has been gaining momentum in recent years, however a lot remains to be done to tackle deep-rooted corruption in EU countries and worldwide.

Edgaras Katinas on

The spread of corruption in Europe

Corruption Is Widespread Across Europe

According to a EC survey, corruption is still high in some regions of Europe


Will Turkey achieve its dream of EU Membership?

New winds are blowing in Turkey: is EU membership on the horizon after all?

New Winds Blowing in Turkey's EU Ambitions

Michel Anderlini on

Can you spot the change?

Croatia and the EU: The Challenges

This image will be outdated tomorrow. But is Croatia's accession into the EU a great opportunity, or a great challenge? Or perhaps both?

Mateusz Krupczynski on

Protesters in front of the cabinet office

Protests in Bulgaria: The Awakening

What are the reasons behind the protests in Bulgaria?

Aleko Stoyanov on

How to deal with ethics and transparency in the EU

How to deal with ethics and transparency in the EU

In the context of financial crisis, the stakes of lobbying are higher than ever, so the decision making needs safeguards to ensure transparency and integrity

Dr. Eva Peña on

The Croatian Flag

Welcome, Croatia!

If Croatia lives up to its ambitions, it could carve out for itself a very interesting and important role within the EU.

Andreea Anastasiu on