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Remembrance Day (De Nationale Dodenherdenking) in the Netherlands on May 4

A Plea for Remembering and Celebrating

It has been seventy years since the last all-encompassing war in Europe came to end. Seventy years! In the Netherlands, the tradition to commemorate all civilians and members of the armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands of World War II is annually held on May 4.

Sander Boezen on

Berlin Wall Infographic

Berlin Wall Fall 25 years, let’s enjoy the festivities tonight!

Berlin was once divided in two by a 155km concrete wall for 28 years from 13th August 1961 until 9th November 1989. Today we celebrate 25 years since the Fall of the Wall.

Olivia Strzelczyk on

The Memory Culture of Europeans reflects how deeply divided Europe was during World War One

European Memory Culture and World War One

In 2014, the entire European continent commemorates the centenary of the Great War. Analysing national approaches to this anniversary and World War One in general shows great differences between the European states.

Paul Hahnenkamp on

The original name of the UFO bridge in Bratislava is the Slovak National Uprising Bridge.

The Slovak National Uprising - Anniversary or Dawn of a New Conflict?

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising

Erik Redli on

There is no idea worth dying for, and no idea worth killing for.

World War I 100th Anniversary

One hundred years from the start of the First World War.


The Great War’s Legacy

The Great War’s Legacy

A Century Later - How Do We Remember World War I?

Hallvard Barbogen on