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Top European Colonists

Top European Colonists

UK is by far the number 1


World map showing the modern definition of the North-South divide

Bilateral vs. Multilateral Cooperation

Bilateral cooperation refers to cooperation activities supported directly by one developed country in a developing country such as the case of the Portuguese aid to East Timor. The bilateral cooperation …

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

The Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy index map for 2015. Greener colours represent more democratic countries.

Is there any good political regime?

The question looks easy for someone used to live in democracy but maybe democracy is not always the best of the political regimes. Sometimes the attempt to move to a …

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Cooperation between people

A perspective of International Cooperation for Development

For many years Western countries, which are now called the developed countries of the world, exploited their colonies and absorbed the majority of their essential resources and used them for …

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