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Ursula von der Leyen, Germany's Minister of Defence

Why Germany needs to wake up if it wants to play a global role

German military needs serious reforms if it wants to play a global security role

Robert Heslop on

East and West

The quest for an alternative mind-set: Putin and the Eurasian way of life

Speaking about mind-sets and how they create our identity

António Saraiva Lima on

Are We Entering an Era of a New Cold War?

Are We Entering an Era of a New Cold War?

Analysing the ambiguities of the Western- Russian relationship

Dimitrios Dagdeverenis on

Map of former Iron Curtain

“There is a Europe before and a Europe after 1989”

The fall of the Berlin wall symbolized new bridges that could be built between people as means of spreading democracy, peace and prosperity.

Katarzyna Nazarewicz on

Vladimir Putin surprised the International Community with his actions in Ukraine. How will Europe and the US respond to the Ukrainian Crisis?

How Ukraine’s crisis surprised the naive West

People in the West seemed to think the communist giant had been defeated after the fall of the Soviet Union

Project for Democratic Union on