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Belarus Free Theatre

The Power of the Theatrical Style: The Experience of the Belarus Free Theatre Company

Art and culture serve not only as an entertainment for the audience. Some artists use their talent to stimulate people and to protest against oppression and violation of human rights.

Santino Santinelli on

According to Global Peace Index, Russia ranks 131st out of 140 countries in peace. This was prior to the Ukrainian Crisis.

The Death of Media Freedom in Russia

A string of extreme measures against the internet, independent media, NGOs and individuals have been developing in Russia.


Hyndland Secondary School Children painted this mural to celebrate Glasgow's City of Culture Status in 1990

Can culture stop the crisis?

Could increasing investment in culture encourage us to solve the economic crisis in a more conscientious manner?

Santino Santinelli on

Polish Members of Parliament Protest against ACTA

ACTA Protests

“Government of the People, by the Lobby Groups, for the Corporations”

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