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3 Key Reasons why the UK Election Backfired for the UK Government

3 Key Reasons why the UK Election Backfired for the UK Government

The early election of the UK parliament didn't turn out to be a problem-solver as planned

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

Brexit Grexit and Italexit: What is happening to Europe?

Brexit Grexit and Italexit: What is happening to Europe?

The Brexit fear that came true

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

Welcome to the “post truth politics” age

Welcome to the “post truth politics” age

There is no doubt that the political status quo in Europe is changing amazingly fast raising concerns at the same time about the stability of the political system in many…

Marios Nomikos on

Brexit vs EU

Brexit Process will begin by the end of March 2017

Katerina Dipla on

Europe after Brexit

Europe after Brexit

The “EU project” will continue to exist and play a crucial role for the European continent and the world, but Britain will be a simple observer.

Dimitrios Dagdeverenis on

The alternatives for the UK in the post-Brexit era

The alternatives for the UK in the post-Brexit era

The economic consequences of leaving the EU will depend on what policies the UK adopts following Brexit. But lower trade due to reduced integration with EU countries is likely to cost the UK economy far more than is gained from lower contributions to the EU budget.

Narine Petrosyan on

EU, Scottish and UK flags

The day after tomorrow

What is next for the UK and the EU?

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

Reactions from the European Parliament

Reactions from the European Parliament

Britain votes to leave


Brexit Caricature

Stronger together?

A caricature of Brexit



Is the European Union ready to deal with these new potential economic crises?

How can a potential Brexit and the independence of Catalonia impact EU

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

United Kingdom Houses of Parliment

OneEurope UK Meeting at the Houses of Parliament

OneEurope UK recently met at the Houses of Parliament to discuss the campaign to keep the UK in Europe

Gareth Bell on

EU and UK flags

Yes to Europe: Dismissing the Eurosceptic Claims

Uncovering the inaccuracies and myths behind some of the most frequent eurosceptic arguments against EU membership

Robert Heslop on


Euroscepticism defended

OneEurope is keen to encourage a robust debate on the future of Britain in the EU. The article below by Young Eurosceptics makes the case against EU membership.

Guest Author on

Graphic visualising the response, when British people were asked to finish the sentence: "The UK's closest ties should be to..." (results in %).

No Country is an Island

What is the British identity and how can it relate to the European Union? Being geographically part and at the same time separated from the continent, it may be stated that Britain maintained quite a detached attitude towards it due to its island identity.

Irina Suchkova on

British Prime Minister David Cameron

Mr Cameron, dare you catch the train to Brussels? You might find unexpected allies.

OneEurope contributor Rob Heslop argues that British PM David Cameron should accept Guy Verhofstadt's invitation to address the European Parliament on his proposals for EU reform.

Robert Heslop on

Infographic by the British Influence reveals the regional differences for the EU membership.

Britain supports EU membership

The latest polls reveal how the British people continue to support the EU.


UK and EU flags

Taking Pride in the UK's Contributions to the EU

The UK has been at the forefront of some of the EU's greatest successes and it is time the public were made aware of this.

Robert Heslop on

Is UK going to leave the European Union?

Are We Really United in Diversity?

Exploring the influence of the right-wing media on our perception

Asher Simpson on


Brexit: Debunking the Myths

In response to a recent article published on OneEurope about the reasons behind the calls for Brexit, Rob Heslop addresses some of the most common myths and misconceptions about the EU and its relationship with Britain.

Robert Heslop on

The Exit Argument

Assessing the Battlefield: Why are There Calls for 'Brexit'?

What is driving the anti-EU and no campaign in the Brexit referendum?

OneEurope on

The British EU Referendum will define the future of the UK and of the European Union.

Campaign to keep the UK in the EU

If you think the UK is better off in the EU, check out "Remain Great, Remain In".

OneEurope on

Brexit is a sensitive issue in Britain

British Euroscepticism and Immigration

Would an EU exit really solve Britain’s immigration problems?

Tanya Zhekova on

An independent Scotland will give a new momentum to Europe's pro-independence regions.

4 Key Reasons the Scottish Referendum is Crucial to Europe

Whatever the result, the Scottish Independence Referendum will have very significant geopolitical, economic, regional and political effects on Europe.

Ivan Botoucharov on