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Police and army officers in Brussels

Europe: The new war zone

The current attacks, have, subsequently, placed each and every citizen questioning whether there is a fine line between interesting times, and destructive times, questioning our own values, ideas, and raison d’etre, for if we fail to ensure the security of European citizens, then post 1945, have we actually succeeded, or just prolonged the curse of war on this continent?

Alex Saltout on

Au pair in Europe

The Au Pair Experience: Your Foot in the Door of a Journey Abroad?

Our authors Ana Oliveira and Karolina Pronckute share their insight into the challenging yet rewarding experience of working as an au pair, and explain why this role can lead to a longer-term career abroad.

Ana Oliveira on

The Catholic University of Leuven which was founded in 1425.

The Pros and Cons of Studying in Leuven, Belgium's Student City

According to statistics, foreign students (in particular, Erasmus ones) prefer sunnier venues in Spain and Italy, or countries renowned for their universities such as England or France. And yet Leuven, Belgium’s student city par excellence, remains a melting pot of students from all over the world.

Ana Oliveira on

Picture of a reenactment of the Waterloo battle

Marking the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo

Europe marks this year the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and the defeat of Napoleon on June 18, 1815. Many Europeans consider it a special day that decided Europe’s fate and put an end to the bloody conflicts across the continent.

Natalia Ghincul on

Martyr’s Square, Brussels, Belgium

“Stars come, stars go… Nobody gets lost”

This year was a period of serious loss for Belgium. Almost in one month the country remained without beloved queen Fabiola, remarkable pro-European politician Leo Tindemans and the most popular rock singer Luc de Vos from Gorki band.

Natalia Ghincul on

the map of Belgium

Belgium, the end of the federal system?

In a moment of democratic crisis in Europe, Belgium can embody the renewal of its institutional architecture through the voice of its citizens.

Robin Alves on

The Memory Culture of Europeans reflects how deeply divided Europe was during World War One

European Memory Culture and World War One

In 2014, the entire European continent commemorates the centenary of the Great War. Analysing national approaches to this anniversary and World War One in general shows great differences between the European states.

Paul Hahnenkamp on

Austerity has hit Europe badly. Especially Southern European states, such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

The indiscipline of European states

"The Greek finance ministers says only "yes" to the decisions of the European Commission without putting the slightest objection, or defending the Greek interests"

George Chatzelenis on

Euthanasia: where do children stand?

Euthanasia: where do children stand?

Euthanasia has always been the subject of great controversy. In Belgium, dying children can now take the most difficult decision of their lives.

Lusine Sargsyan on

Homeless in Rome, Italy

Homeless people in Europe, Russia and Belgium with their own stories

During cold winter days homeless people feel more pressure on the streets because of the risk of exposure. For them, every night can be their last, especially when the temperature …

Natalia Ghincul on