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Basketball cadet team players at welcome in Sarajevo

Young basketball team from Bosnia and Herzegovina became a powerful example for the whole country and region

This year the FIBA Europe Under-16 Championship, previously known as FIBA Europe Championship for Cadets, took place in Lithuania, Kaunas. The team from Bosnia and Herzegovina won the golden medal of this prestigious basketball competition.

Hamza Pecar on

European map

The European Integration of the Western Balkans: Where we are now

65 years after the Schuman Declaration, most of the Balkans are still waiting for their EU memberships to be approved. The process is slow and full of obstacles in terms of reforms and shifts in policies, making it almost impossible for candidates to be a part of the European family before 2019/2020.

Klaudjo Kavaja on

The Balkans are a very diverse, historic and culturally rich region.

Imagining the Balkans...

An exhibition in Athens, co-created by 11 Balkan nations, helps heal wounds and open minds.

George Chatzelenis on

Signing of Kumanovo Agreement in the Yugoslav Army tent in the NATO base in Macedonia

Self-Determination to Move On!

Today is 17th February and Kosovo marks its seventh year of independence. The new-born state came to see the light only nine years after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s military intervention, to stop the humanitarian catastrophe towards the Albanian population.

Blerina Karagjozi on

Srebrenica is very close to the centre of Europe.

Slow Recovery: Perspectives from the Bosnian War Aftermath

Jack Welch writes about his trip to Srebrenica and the initiatives that have been created since the tragedy.

Jack Welch on

Support the victims of Balkan floods!

Support the victims of Balkan floods!

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Which country will join the EU next?

Which country will join the EU next?

An analysis of the potential EU candidates.


Outbreak of Violent Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Outbreak of Violent Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Spiraling unemployment, severe poverty and extremely high levels of corruption have sparked nationwide protests in Bosnia.

Dina Rokic on

Protests against the government and corruption (July 2013)

Bristol dances in support for Bulgaria

A transnational civil society movement has mobilized 30 world cities in support for a new more democratic beginning in Bulgaria - through dancing!

Yuliya Kosharevska on

Should the EU suspend its enlargement?

Should the EU suspend its enlargement?

The EU expansion has shown its benefits and backlashes. Does it worth to grow futher?

Mateusz Krupczynski on

Croatian architecture, sculpture, poetry and many other arts have spread across Europe.

Croatia: A Cradle of the European Culture

Croatia has made many great contributions to the European Culture over the past two millenniums.

Santino Santinelli on

A human look at the Balkan Wars

A human look at the Balkan Wars

I do not know and am not interested in the names and locations of the following battles. They are irrelevant. All that matters is the human.

George Chatzelenis on