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Police and army officers in Brussels

Europe: The new war zone

The current attacks, have, subsequently, placed each and every citizen questioning whether there is a fine line between interesting times, and destructive times, questioning our own values, ideas, and raison d’etre, for if we fail to ensure the security of European citizens, then post 1945, have we actually succeeded, or just prolonged the curse of war on this continent?

Alex Saltout on

People gathered near flowers and candles left in tribute to victims after the deadly truck attack in Nice,France, which left at least 84 dead.

Regarding the terrible attacks at Pulse club in Orlando, Florida and in Nice, France

What is right and what is wrong can be pretty subjective. You can have your own beliefs and values, represent your personal ideals. It is ok as long as you…

Nikos Gonidakis on

Fourteen Years of Terror

Western Europe