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Greek and EU flags flying in Athens

The Greek Crisis and the EU

For the first time since Greece’s accession to the European community in 1981, Greece stands in the middle of a crossroad as its commitment to European values and agreements is being questioned.

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

NO vote demonstration in support of Greece in Madrid

The Greek Referendum: the Next Steps

Will the clear NO vote in Sunday's referendum help Greek PM Alexis Tsipras negotiate a better deal for Greece with the country's European creditors?

Klaudjo Kavaja on

The Greek Economic Crisis and Ireland’s Example

The Greek Economic Crisis and Ireland’s Example

OneEurope contributor Kareem Padraig A. McDonald argues that to achieve economic recovery Greece must live up to its international commitments and follow Ireland's example of economic discipline.

Kareem Padraig A. McDonald on

The Greek Referendum

The Greek Referendum

Fourty years since the fall of the Junta, the Greek people is once again called to the polls to vote in the eigthth referendum of the country. This is a historic moment not just for Greece, but for the whole of Europe.

Dimitra Kalyva on

The Greek Parliament in Athens

The Greek Crisis and the Eurogroup Negotiations

As Greek debt negotiations continue in Brussels, the country itself remains divided over its future.

Christos Mouzeviris on

The Balkans are a very diverse, historic and culturally rich region.

Imagining the Balkans...

An exhibition in Athens, co-created by 11 Balkan nations, helps heal wounds and open minds.

George Chatzelenis on

Many partisan groups were involved in the liberation of Greece.

The Red December of Greece - Part 3

In the final part of this series, George Chatzelenis analyses the consequences of the civil war in Greece.

George Chatzelenis on

Tanks in between protesters in Greece.

The Red December of Greece - Part 2 - The First Battle of the Cold War

George Chatzelenis analyses the events that triggered the first battle of the Cold War.

George Chatzelenis on

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus at night

The Magic of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus

The Herodion Atticus is a magical theatre structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis

George Chatzelenis on

Infographic of the Greek Parliament

Small Coups and Fights in Greek Politics

A power struggle between Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and opposition leader Alexis Tsipras is causing huge problems in Greek politics and society.

George Chatzelenis on

An open air cinema transformed the Neos Kosmos neighborhood of Athens in a magical world.

A New Magical City

The screening of a 60-year old film reminded Athenians of the solidarity and brotherhood between them.

George Chatzelenis on

Soon Eleusis will be completely destroyed by industry and tourism.

New Eleusis

Eleusis is a historic region with beautiful nature and a crucial archaeological importance.

George Chatzelenis on