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Refugee crisis: The EU and Turkey's ugly response

Refugee crisis: The EU and Turkey's ugly response

When the EU-Turkey refugee preliminary accord saw the light of day on March 8th, humanitarian organisations and the United Nations didn't need much time to raise their moral and legal concerns.

María Ruiz Nievas on

Asylum seekers travelling through Greece are stopped from going into other Balkan countries.

The European Union – at the crossroads between nationalism and solidarity

Where is the solidarity within the European Union? Paul Hahnenkamp analyses the response to the growing humanitarian crisis in Greece in the context of European and national politics of the present day and recent years.

Paul Hahnenkamp on

Young Greek Students on the frontline of Europe's refugee crisis

Young Greek Students on the frontline of Europe's refugee crisis

"What is remarkable is the fact that the local people, despite their limited time due to work and family engagements, are attuned to the situation and constantly try to meet the needs of the refugees, offering any help (material or psychological) they can."

Yiannis Piliouras on

Many Europeans have shown their solidarity with the asylum seekers and refugees.

The Solidarity of Greek Citizens with Asylum Seekers

While governments and institutions are often not doing enough to assist refugees, many citizens have been pro-actively helping in many ways.

George Chatzelenis on

European Solidarity in Vienna's Westbahnhof

European Solidarity in Vienna's Westbahnhof

European citizens are volunteering at support centres for asylum seekers in key European transport hubs.


Number of Refugees coming into Europe and their countries of origin

The Syrians are not the problem

The Migrant Crisis reveals deep issues in Europe

George Chatzelenis on

Only 2 of the top 10 countries for Refugees per Capita are EU Member States. Nevertheless, lacking the experience and united approach in refugee policies, many issues are rising throughout Europe, which will dramatically change our society.

Mass-Migration changing European Society

From enormous fences to far-right violence - the mis-management of migration policy and lack of a coherent and united approach are creating huge issues in European society.

Oliver Krumme on

Security Fence in Calais

Mending Fences and Climbing Walls. Border Control in Europe.

Can Europe tackle the immigration crisis unfolding on its doorstep without compromising its fundamental values?

Olga Ambrosiewicz on

This infographic about displaced people has been created by Statista (

8.2 Million People were Displaced in 2013

Many displaced people escaped from wars to find a better life in Europe


Tens of thousands of asylum seekers risk their lives every year to reach Europe.

The Mediterranean: a Sea of Migrants in Danger

Thousands of migrants risk their lives to get to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean. They do so to escape war, persecution or poverty. Many do not survive the journey.

Susana Santos Faria on

The impact of the Dublin II Regulation on Greece

The impact of the Dublin II Regulation on Greece

Illegal immigration into Europe puts a strain on our societies' fabric as people see their neighborhoods transform rapidly.

Christos Mouzeviris on