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Bicycles in Amsterdam

The 10 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in Europe

Fancy a bike ride? Then head to one of Europe's best cities for cycling!

Ann Nasser on

canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Venice of the North

As a recent visitor of Amsterdam, I created a short presentation of the city and I am willing to give you some advice to enjoy your trip.

Robin Alves on

students' protests in Amsterdam

Students Taking Action against the Boards of their Universities

Throughout Europe students have been protesting against the boards of their universities. Universities are increasingly focusing on efficiency-oriented management instead of research and education. Profit and privatization are becoming a reality for universities, but a university is not a company. Just as in 1968, students and professors all over Europe are uniting to move the focus from money to education.

Bella Felix on

The European Capitals of Culture

The Cultural Capitals of Europe

Sizing Up Sophistication


Holland. The Original Cool.

Holland. The Original Cool.

The Netherlands is considered a very hip and cool country.