Spying is not an acceptable practice between "partners" http://in.reuters.com/
By Reuters.

Last Saturday (29.06.2013) the German magazine "Der Spiegel" featured an article claiming that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) bugged offices and spied on EU internal computer networks in Washington and at the United Nations, not only listening to conversations and phone calls but also gaining access to documents and emails.

Der Spiegel cited from a September 2010 "top secret" document of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) which fugitive former NSA contractor Edward Snowden had allegedly taken with him and which the weekly's journalists had seen in part. 

 The document explicitly called the EU a "target". (Reuters).

If that is true, I think Europe should proceed to a total reevaluation of its relationship with its closest "partner." Such behavior is nowhere near acceptable between long standing allies, like the US and Europe have been; or so we thought. These are practices that the US was using  on its enemies like the USSR during the Cold War.

If they act in this way in EU offices, imagine what they do to the missions of smaller nations. They are behaving like this world's Big Brother and this has to stop. These are not signs of an alliance and equal partnership, rather of surveillance and dominance. 

Possibly, they will always carry the complex of superiority and rightful leader of the Western nations, but do we have to put up with it? The "West" is far too broad a political and cultural entity to be hijacked, monopolised and dominated solely by America.

Recently, the EU and US have been trying to create a free trade agreement which would boost cooperation and both partners' economies. Militarily, Europe is also a close ally of the US, with almost every EU member belonging to the NATO . 

All new EU states, plus the candidate ones, have rushed to join the alliance in order to receive help with their military upgrade and "protection" from the USA. So why do we need to be subjected to US surveillance? I believe that our leaders should demand explanations as soon as possible.

It is time to seek new key alliances with other countries or blocks. In an ever growing multipolar world, we need to be free to formulate our foreign policy and promote  our interests on the globe. An attachment at the hip with the USA and a surveillance program not only do not allow us to achieve such goal, but also shows that there is no trust between the two sides.

And how can there be an alliance or partnership without trust? Perhaps we should distance ourselves from America and manage our own foreign policy and influence in the world. The close partnership will still be in place, but only as an equal one with respect for one another.

So far we have been following and supporting America in all its positions or actions, but that is leaving us with a lack of independent Europe oriented foreign policy. 

How can Europe ever become a big influential global player, if we are America's sidekick and are told what to do, what to follow or who to engage with? Moreover, we are being spied upon to make sure that we comply or we are not hiding anything from the Big Brother. Why have we reached such a low spot?

How will other regions perceive us and how can they treat us with respect, if we allow America to act us like that? If Europe unites, be it politically, militarily or economically, it can make it on its own without anyone's help, protection or surveillance. If we combine our resources, armies and start speaking with one voice in the world, we will do not have to fear anything. 

We are already the biggest and richest market in the world, but we could become something more than that if we put our minds and effort into it. I do not wish for Europe to become the next "super-power," in the sense that the USA is right now, although we do have the potential. 

At least, we should be able to safeguard our own interests without anyone's interference and form alliances and partnerships on an equal level, rather than always be the underdog. And the only way to do that is to truly unite and start working together as a team, putting aside our differences. 

Instead of that, our leaders prefer to individually visit the US, seeking to boost their self importance. They promote their countries' elites interests and agree on deals with America that often become an obstacle for European unification. 

Divided as we are, we are being ruled and we should understand that. There can be no time for petty political or economic favors of one European state to another in the future. Our economies are so intertwined that if one fails, it affects all the others anyway, as we have seen from the current crisis.

The world is changing and we must change with it. We are half way there, so what are we waiting for?