Small Coups and Fights in Greek Politics
Infographic of the Greek Parliament

Every year an international exhibition takes place in Thessaloniki. It is an opportunity for the Prime Minister and the party leaders to speak to the people. The first weekend the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras spoke. The next weekend it was the turn of the opposition leader Alexis Tsipras. But there was a difference. Samaras ordered the (supposed) public television channel not to broadcast the speech of Tsipras. At the same time he called owners of private television stations and asked them to do the same.

The latter didn't obey so the speech of the opposition leader was presented on private broadcast frequencies. Samaras was betrayed by a system that served him and protected him. It was the first time that it abandoned him and in so doing exposed his tactics. When the Prime Minister realized that he has failed to squelch the media, he started saying that if the Left climbs to power, all banks will be emptied and the economy will be broken. But the Prime Minister must understand how the lies are not believed anymore.
When a right-wing prime minister and government have learned to do whatever they want to without caring about the laws, or the constitution and the wishes of the people, the situation becomes very bad.

Last week we learned about the visit of the leader of the opposition, Alexis Tsipras, to the Vatican. Panic seized the government. Several right-wing political stars, like Adonis Georgiadis, mocked this meeting. The background, however, was even uglier. Panicky foreign minister (and president of PASOK) Evangelos Venizelos telephoned his counterpart at the Vatican, Pietro Parolin.  In every way he tried to cancel the meeting between Alexis Tsipras and the Pope. 

First of all, the Greek foreign ministry asked if the meeting is applicable. The Vatican responded positively. Immediately Venizelo’s close associates reminded that Mr.Tsipras doesn't hold a position in the government and that he is only the leader of the largest opposition party. The Cardinals immediately stopped the discussion by saying that the meeting is of a private character, and that the Pope could meet anyone whom he wishes.

The Greek government sought other ways to stop the meeting. They immediately brought to the fore the bill for "legal equality of religious communities". With this bill the government contacted the Vatican again saying that there is a request from the Catholic Church in 1945, which will be implemented immediately, but Tsipras will vote against it. The Vatican ignored the new government's move because it knew the bill through Mr. Tsipras, who had a chance to mention them that he will vote for it. 

Despite all the efforts of the Greek far-right government, Alexis Tsipras met with the Pontiff on Thursday, September 18. This meeting was the official opening of the communication between the Catholic Church and the European Left.

These two examples are two recent coups of the right-wing government of Antonis Samaras.

In conclusion to this article I would like to point out that European Broadcasting Uniong no longer recognizes the new state television (NERIT) as a member of the European channels.

The regime's channel proves that there is no freedom of opinion and expression in the transmission of information by the Greek media.