Regarding the terrible attacks at Pulse club in Orlando, Florida and in Nice, France CBC
People gathered near flowers and candles left in tribute to victims after the deadly truck attack in Nice,France, which left at least 84 dead.

What is right and what is wrong can be pretty subjective. You can have your own beliefs and values, represent your personal ideals. It is ok as long as you are not trying to impose them through any means to the others, specially through acts of violence.

On Sunday 13th of June the biggest massacre in American history since 9/11 happened. The  liberty and freedom that the US represent, the idea of a peaceful coexistence of different cultures, ideas and lifestyles were attacked by an extremist, Islamic fighter. The facts are known. Omar Mateen -an American citizen of Afghan origins-opened fire while more than 300 people were packed inside the biggest gay club of Orlando. Mateen according to reports was a usual customer at Pulse, which pinpoints the fact that he took time to actually know the place and the people that were working and hanging there. He pledged allegiance to ISIS, the so-called Islamic State before the shooting according to certain sources. This act of terrorism ended up killing 49 people, including him and leading 53 more people to local hospitals.

Evidently the suspect was an extremist, a homophobe and a pure inhumane being, even though his father is struggling to persuade the press that Omar Mateen was a well-educated family man with no previous violent behavior that could lead to such an attack. Nevertheless he admitted that lately his son would get furious if he witnessed any kind of intimate behavior, that could lead him to the conclusion that they were sexually involved, like kissing or holding hands between men. This fact easily clarifies  the reasons and motives that he had through this attack. His ex wife confirms that he was abusing her throughout their marriage not only physically but also verbally and mentally. She claims that he was facing mental health issues and he was also diagnosed as a bipolar. That means that he could easily lose his temper without a reason and channel his anger in terrible and hurtful ways. Furthermore it is also reported that he was organizing an attack targeting Disney World, also located in Orlando.

If you even try to put yourself in those people’s shoes for just a second, I am sure beyond any doubt that you will lose your breath and start panicking. This was a terrible, unreasonable and irrational hit not just to the LGBTQ community, which is often dealing with discrimination on a daily basis, but also to the civilian freedoms that people in the Western World enjoy.

I am inclined to believe that such acts of terrorism, like the ones we experienced before in Paris, with the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks and the bombing at the Brussels International Airport, naturally make us wonder for certain things. Shall everything stop now? What can we individually do against this wave of hate?

Well nothing is going to stop. We should not stop living or dancing or enjoying life the way we want to. I think that no one shall get captured in this mind trap. The issue can be tackled only if we continue loving the one we want and ceasing every day like it’s our last. Such a simple thing seems to be so hard in practice. Forget about the stereotypes and the things you “should do” and concentrate on the things that give you pleasure and joy even if they can be judged by certain parts of the society.

This is the greatest thing you can do. Indicate to those out there who stand for racism and never-ending perpetuation of stereotypes, that what we stand for, as a unity ,is a lot stronger. Because we stand for love and equality in every aspect of someone’s life and mutual respect. This will actually lead us forward to the realization of the point this whole thing called life. In one line synopsis  it is far too obvious that this is a message of optimism that stands firmly against every single human right breach, from the smallest to the most crucial one.

Last week humanity was coerced to experience one more terrible incident of extreme hate. During the celebrations of Bastille day (French National Day),a 19 tone cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds in southern France, Nice. The attack ended up with 84 people killed and 303 others injured as well. This was the third major terrorist attack in France over the last months. As a result the french government extended the state of emergency that had been declared following the Paris attacks for another 3 months.

It’s way beyond obvious that terrorism has become part and parcel of the western life. Cultural centers of the western, ‘civilised’ world, like France and USA, are the core of the attacks on behalf of the Islamic State. Certainly this fact revolves around several factors. The French colonisation, the discriminated national and religious minorities in France and the French, violent encounters with the Middle East and North Africa are the fundamental grounds on these attacks. Especially when the minorities don’t come up with the respect and sense of belonging that they need, then they lean on extreme ways, that will for sure make their voice heard.