Questions for the Greek Golden Dawn and right-wing parties in general National Post

With the rise of the right-wing parties in some of the European Union member states, I for one, have a number of questions, for which I would like to get an answer.

A common platform among these right wing parties is the anti-immigrant/anti-immigration stance. I will use Greece as an example here, however these questions apply to all European countries.

So what constitutes an "immigrant"? Is it someone not born in Greece? Or is it someone who is not of Greek heritage? 

If the right wing parties like Golden Dawn in Greece gain power, will they deport all foreigners? And if so, what is their stance to a Greek who has married an immigrant? Will he/she be deported also? 

What about their children? Will they be considered Greeks considering the fact that one of their parents is a Greek and that they were born in the country? Or will they be deported also? 

How far back will one have to go to prove they are Greeks, for example, 1 generation, 5 generations or more? And what evidence will be needed to prove that their stock is pure Greek? And what happens if, after the foreigners are expelled, a Greek marries a non-Greek, will both of them be allowed to live in Greece?

How will foreigners who have moved to Greece and taken up Greek citizenship be treated? Will they be immune from the expulsions or will they be deported as well, considering they are not of Greek stock? If they are allowed to stay, what measures will be put in place to stop them being harassed and allow them to live peacefully in their adopted homeland? Or will they continue to be pulled aside and demanded to show proof that they can stay in the country.

What about foreigners who want to move to Greece and invest their money? Will they be allowed to settle in Greece?

Will religion be a test also? Or in other words, will they need to be Greek Orthodox Christians or can they be any religion? And if they must be Greek Orthodox Christians, what will happen to someone who decides to change religion?

What of the "two-generation" rule that Greece has, where Greeks who emigrate overseas and their children which are born in a foreign land, are considered as being Greek and have a right-to-return. Will they be recognised as such still even though their partner may not be of Greek stock [and thus the children are only half-Greek]? What about the children, who may have 100% Greek parents but have married a non-Greek? Will they still have the right-to-return with their partner, and their children?

Looking at how Golden Dawn is acting now [and with only a few members in Parliament], will I still have the right to voice my views without having someone knocking on my door, or worse still, waking up in hospital - if they come to power and actually govern the country?

Speaking of governing, what kind of experience do your members have in running anything, let alone a country? In short, what kind of experience will you bring that will strike confidence in me, knowing you will be capable of doing the job?

How will you solve the economic crisis that the country is in now? What is your actual economic plan?

I could ask a lot more questions, but for me, these are some crucial questions before I say whether I will consider supporting a right-wing party like Golden Dawn or not. I simply do not like after-the-event shocks, if you know what I mean.