Fascism in Greece now!

It has been more than a week now since Paulos Fyssas, a young musician, was murdered by a member of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. Since then, there have been many anti-fascist manifestations in Greece, and reactive banners were hung in stadiums this weekend. Among others, there was a big demonstration in Athens.

All political groups in the Greek parliament (except the right-wing Nea Dimokratia, asked the Greek people to come and protest against fascism. As it often happens, there were agitators in the peaceful march. They provoked the police and the resulting scuffles terminated the event before people reached the Golden Dawn headquarters.

What is the relationship between Greek police and the Golden Dawn?

It is known since the 90's, when the Golden Dawn was still a small group of neo-Nazis, how many police officers there were among the members of this gang. Actually, neo-Nazi crimes against immigrants are rarely punished by the Police. In the 2011 elections, the Golden Dawn achieved impressive results at polling centers situated nearby the Central Police Directorate of Athens.

But there is no need to wait for the elections to see how many fascists and neo-Nazis there are in the Greek police. It is enough to witness the demonstrations. Many people came face to face with policemen and felt their fascist disposition. Many saw police officers in cooperation with hooded men who were causing trouble in the demonstrations, giving Police the opportunity to throw tear gas at protesters and disperse them (you can see some videos herehere and here).

It is also known that many of the people arrested during the demonstrations were immigrants - a mere coincidence? To this we can add the mild police reaction at the Golden Dawn's criminal acts, until the day when a Greek was murdered. This was the reason to break the glass. But why did the Greeks not react to the killings and beatings of immigrants? - that is another matter. The murder of Paul Fysses brought abundant reaction in some Greek newspapers (mainly “To Ethnos”), which began investigations into the the Golden Dawn's activities and its relationship with the police.

Everyday the media unveiled new information from the newspaper. The Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Dendias, could not remain inactive. So he decided to purge the police force of neo-Nazis. Some commanders left their positions and some policemen are being prosecuted. But I fear that this process is only carried out to calm the situation. We have to bear in mind that apart of the Golden Dawn, there are hidden fascists in the ruling party, Nea Dimokratia.

The best example is the health minister Adonis Georgiadis who, besides being cynical and silly, has a dark past: he comes from an old fascist party supported by the Golden Dawn. In a recent interview of Mr. Georgiadis by a real journalist from the BBC (sadly Greek journalists have turned into propaganda organs), he squirmed when asked about his fascist past.

But there are other fascists in the government right now. They are trying to hide their past but they cannot.

So how can we fight Nazism in Greece when it has penetrated so deep into the police and the government?

How we can weaken the squads raid when they are funded by the Orthodox Church and shipowners? Until when Europe and the austerity measures will help to fuel the problem?