Portugal is the New European Champion Seleções de Portugal

As always we suffered, we cried, we laughed and we suffered a bit more, but this time the victory was ours and the Euro 2016 cup is now in Portugal. They took out Cristiano Ronaldo, but they forgot that Portuguese are not only “femme de ménage” and “conciergerie”. Portugal's team has many good football players, and even though they are not as organised as the Germans, they know how to “desenrascar”.

After the Euro 2004 cup slipped away from our hands at home, Portuguese people had strong expectations that one day the cup would be ours. We had to wait 12 years to see our dream come true, but finally Portugal has won a major football tournament in Paris, which on 10 July 2016 was the home of thousands of Portuguese people. 

Many did not expect it. Even I did not expect Portugal to reach the final and win against the hosting country, France. But we did it! Many were the critics, and more will be now, but we managed to get into the final and win it!

Portugal is a small country but we have supporters on every continent and this victory was celebrated around the world. Portugal is not only football, and Portuguese sportspeople have also won medals in athletics, cycling and swimming, making last Sunday a special day for Portuguese sports.

Obrigado Portugal! <3